Picking Up Work

If there is already a thread I could look through I would appreciate someone pointing me out to it. If not, here it goes…

I’m a worker bee. I’m the guy you want cleaning your windows. The only problem is, i’m not very good at picking up new clients. I have decent website skills, marketing material design skills, and really good people skills. But I feel like canvasing and knocking on doors (although it sucks) is the best way to pick up residential customers. But I feel like I simply can’t set the hook.

How is everyone picking up new residential work?

Make some flyers and get to walking around those nice neighborhoods and leaving the flyers at their doors. No need to knock and talk to people, you’ll probably come across a few people and have to talk at some point.

You could also use street bidder, just drive around and take pictures of homes and put together an estimate.

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… If you have the $ EDDM is great and it really isn’t that expensive.

small local papers give us a nice ROI but not enough work to keep busy from.

Referrals are where it’s at. As usual, if you total up all our paid advertising and compare it to referrals in 2014.

Referrals produced more jobs
paid advertising generated more income than the referrals, however subtract the cost of the advertising and it’s basically even.

EDDM does well for us, live in a techie area so we are doing what we can online.

Ding-dong-Ditch W/ Doorgangers!

From what I’ve researched, door hangers have a slightly higher return than flyers. I’m hoping that is right. I just got my first order of 5,000 and will be putting them out in the next week or so. But that is going to take a lot of time compared to EDDM. How do you all get your door hangers/flyers out quickly? Do it yourself, hire a high school kid, or a professional service? If you pay a high school kid, how do you guarantee they are putting them all out and not just trashing a bunch of them?

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I think internet is the best way to advertise with my experiences. I haven’t tried door hangers thou but when I first started my cleaning company I put out a tremendous amount of flyers.

Use wordpress and make pages targeting specific towns and cities that will show up in google…

I get most of my resi from knocking on doors and introducing myself with a smile, confidence and a strong hand shake. I also have the same script I say to everyone. I

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i’m going out tomorrow with a highschooler from church, i’m paying him .10 for each flyer/door hanger he puts out + 5% of any job i get from a flyer he puts out. he then has a monetary incentive to actually put them out.

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Networking with a maid service, landscapers, pool companies, etc. They have a client base that already pays for services. Take the boss out to a nice dinner and explain how it would beneficial for him to partner with you. Then drop off some gift cards for the office staff. They are the ones that answer the phones that can easily put the customer in contact with you. After the first job comes to you, again drop off some gift cards, and buy the boss some tickets to a ball game, or a round of golf, whatever he or better yet his entire family likes to do.

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