Pigeon Control

Not sure what section to add this to, or if anyone has talked about it, but a client of mine was inquiring about pigeon control. Does anyone do this? if so what methods are used. He is mostly concerned with pigeons that stay all winter and roost and nest in the gutters of the houses dormers. He suggested adding chicken wire to the gutters and maybe spikes or sorts to the edges of the roof to make it very uncomfortable to roost fore the birds. Any suggestions?

Here are a couple of places that I found by googling bird control.

With apologies to Chris and Alex:

Aswell as installing pigeon control apparatus’ this could be an opportunity to offer a rain flow installation also seeing as you are up in the gutters and pigeons are nesting there.

No apologies if I needed bird control thats where I would go to.

Though I personally don’t intend to ever kill anything, I hear these are also effective. (I do have (had) one for home protection) (Um…Texas remember…)

Bird Barier will have the solution to that problem.

You can go to the website, birdbarier.com, or call the office number and talk to Cameron. Hi is on the west coast, pacific time.