Pimp Your Contour-Pro


Its something I’ve been meaning to do for a while - hope it helps those who use 'em.

Cool Karl, thanks for posting this. I hate using channels with clips but the Contour Pro+ is my squeegee of choice.

Thanks Karl. I hate the green clips.

Now I might get one, I[B] HATE[/B] clipped channels

That is pretty sweet. To bad I am the odd man out. I like clips over no clips.

I prefer clips as well, Scott!

Can you clip lovers tell me why you prefer them - is it a control thing?
I got fed up with clips because they sometimes tend to over-stretch or bunch the rubber unless you are only using it on one side.

I also thought I’d found a way to make the Unger 0 degree clipless - still working on that one - Although I was nearly there yesterday :slight_smile:

I’ves used clipless channels and for me there was to much play in the rubber. I use clips on each end. When I replace the rubber I measure it by letting about 1/4" hang past the one end of the channel and then cutting it flush on the other. When I clip it I have about 1/8" on each end and it works great.

Every channel I have had that was clipless required a screw driver, wrench and jack hammer to get the rubber in and out. Not really but they just seemed like to much work. I have tried the one clip and two clips and I am stuck on one clip. I kinda like a little play in the rubber.

I use clipless and never have had a problem with too much play with the rubber. It’s basically clipped (or clamped) in the center as opposed to being clipped on one or both ends of the channel.

I do use one clip with my Sorbo 18" channel. No problem there either.

I wonder if the “SLAYER” will be a clipped or clipless channel. Clips are really no big deal but one less thing to deal with if you go clipless.

Aren’t the Unger 0 degree handles already clipless but just not quick release?

Did you try using the screws and quick release mechanism from an Ettore Super System handle on the Unger 0 degree swivel handle? That makes them quick release and much easier to change out rubber.

Yeah, I tried to make them quick release. There isn’t enough room & depth for the Super system to get in there - the pins are too short as well. But if you turn the locking catch around it is possible - but it means drilling holes higher & I think the plate will become misaligned with the channel if you start drilling.

Karlos, my mistake, I didn’t know you were trying to fit the Super Channel in the Unger 0 degree handle. I thought you just wanted to make the Unger 0 degree handle clipless for regular channels. And I was thinking…he already knows how to do that!

As far as the Super Channel goes, I’m not diggin the cut down to 18" size Super Channel. There just seems to be way too much rubber out in front of the channel. " performs much better for me.