Pimping my Tucker

I know the title will get Craig’s attention! I just got some new clamp screws for my Tucker so I can get rid of my Tucker tool. Shawn first posted about them on the AUWC forum and I ordered them last week. I know Craig is running w/ them right now but I think he replaced the whole clamp. I’m just using the screw out of the new clamp to replace the ones in my pole now so I don’t have to put on new clamps. When it’s done I’ll take some pics so Craig can drool over it a little.:smiley:

hmm thats a good idea, i think im gonna try that too.

Where’s the pictures of the clamp and screws ?? I want to see too!! Thanks, stan, pro window kleening

Here is the Tucker Pennel ClampTM (UK):


A bit pricey.

The clamps are not too bad, it’s the $150 tube of superglue that makes it expensive:rolleyes:

those are not the right ones…

I know – see my intro.

No i dont

I tried removing the Tucker screws only to find that they are sealed and can’t be removed w/out damaging the clamp. I guess I’ll have to remove the Tucker clamps and replace them w/ mine. In the meantime I’ve found I can hand tighten the Tucker screws w/ no problem so I don’t need the tool for that anymore.

This new clamp looks good!! Some times a person needs just a little more or less because of trees, cars ect that are in the road on ground !! I have a ball valve and holster for the tucker tool. Works great on my trailer mount. I can get 270 ft away from the trailer and still get water 35 ft up. This is a one man deal. Sometimes i use a helper to keep the hose away from the feet. I allway do this after hours when foot traffic is not. I use the tucker pole for awning cleaning and sealing. Looks pro and works good. This is a good add on !! Any body useing the clam ?? Can i get it in the states? Thanks, stan , pro window kleeing in south dakota usa

You can contact Robin Tucker at Tucker Manufacturing for info on the pennel clamps.

Wouldnt it make sense if they would come with these better clamps already installed.

You might be able to order one that way now. They weren’t out when I got mine.