Pitfalls of New Large Accounts

Hey fellas,

I got some good news here the other day; I landed a new gig here in my area. It’s a good deal so far. It is a Hampton Inn & Suites, 3 floors, roughly 90 pieces of glass, semi-annual, pay is real good. But, I was wondering if some of you more experienced guys, or those with lots of commercial experience, can give me a few pointers on what to expect, how to handle, your past experiences, etc.

I don’t have any heartburn about this job, as of yet, but I really don’t expect any. Just wanted to hear from you pros!


I do the Hampton here.
If it’s a corporate location they pay quickly and easily. Just make sure you send a W-9 with your first invoice.
If it’s a franchise location all bets are off.

Do-ly noted. Thanks Thad.

Ween!(I.E. Thad) I love Ween. I’ve seen them 5-6 times.

I get to bid on a Best Western here next week. It has about the same layout./ Three floors, 85-100 windows. How did you bid it. How will you get to the third floor (WFP, ladder, lift…)? You can pm me if you want.

I would always say WFP:

Ladder: to risky/dangerous if you can help it
Lift: to expensive if you can help it
WFP: Perfect, if you have one

Who manages the screens if any are present?

I had to get nose to glass on the one I did because of paint flecks.
I didn’t see them until I got some glass clean. They were hidden under all the dirt.

I will need to do some nose to glass on the third floor, but it’s not that high. I don’t have a WFP, but I do carry 2–40’ extension ladders with stabilizers so getting to it won’t be that bad.

Larry- No screens. I hand picked this cherry and did a cold call to the GM.

Manny- Glad to see you’re up and running again. It sucks that your home burned, but I am glad you’re pulling through. I did a cold call on this place in July. I just walked in and asked for the Manager. She wasn’t available then, so I left my card. Long story short: I phoned the next week, set up a meeting, presented her a really nice proposal, and waited for her call. Two weeks went by. A month went by. Still no answer to our proposal. Then last Friday, she called and said she was not going to be able to do it at my price. She said that she needed it for a little less. I did the math, and for the next three years, I’d be losing only $77 dollars total less than I bid it at. I bid in a PITA of well over that. This was a bid for a contract that has us doing the windows semi-annually for the next three years. So this Friday we’re cleaning the glass.

Manny–you can call me or pm me for more detailed information on how I bid the job and the proposal I used.

One of my government jobs is for a hotel on one of their bases. One thing I put in my contract is to have an on site POC (Point of contact) that is there to help me at the drop of a hat. 1st time I went to clean it with a WFP I had to hold off on big part of the back of the hotel. Many of the windows were left open by the occupants. It set me back a full day. Make sure you have someone who can go around to the rooms and close the windows. Even if they (the hotel) puts out a flyer telling the people to close the windows on that day. Most will not read it. We had flyers posted on every door, with dates and times. Still windows were left open.

Thanks Jugg, that’s good advice. Congrats on that Govt contract, too. Unfortunately you were too late with the tip. But, nice thing is, the windows were all single panes that didn’t open at all. The weren’t even divided by a frame piece. Solid sheet of tempered glass 4’x5’. It was great. I had my guys tend to the third story windows and I did everything else with a pole or hand to glass style. It took us six hours. It was a good bid too. It came in at over $100/hr on the first try. I know we’ll zoom through it on the next round in six months. Price goes up for the next two years too!

Gotta love it when these gigs pay off well.