Please help, how to clean tinted and tempered windows?

What do I do if I have a lot of gunk and stuff on windows that won’t come off with an applicator and squeegee? I apparently can’t use a scraper on tinted windows and tempered windows, so what do I do?

Also, what is your opinion on using methylated spirits?

Magic erasers are rather safe on tinted windows. Steel wool works well on tempered glass, but don’t use it on tinted.

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Disagree.! I damaged some tint just 2 weeks ago using a magic eraser…2 kinds of damage; 1, scratches, and 2, that burnishing effect where the tint becomes discolored.

Luckily the scratches were in a “test spot” where they aren’t noticeable. As for the burnishing effect, the tint is old and kind of hammered anyway. The guy who owns the house is selling and doesn’t really care. But that’s dumb luck. A different location and I would have been buying a new window treatment.

Don’t use the eraser, don’t use white pads, NEVER use scrapers or anything remotely abrasive. All I can say is that tint is just a pain, and you just have to power through with soap, a sleeve, and a squeegee. Do the best you can, and let the customer know that anything more aggressive could (and probably will) damage the film. If you REALLY want to try something, do a test in a corner of the window where damage will be less visible.

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Yep, I have marred tint also with a Magic Eraser. The best I have found is soapy water and a micro-fiber and that has limits too.

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