I am using a template for my website that I like, however it is clearly geared towards high rise window cleaners in the UK.
My plan is to replace all the pics on there with ones of my customers homes (shoulda been taken pics all along, DAMMIT. ohwell)
In the mean time I want to atleast replace the pics with ones that give it a more residential feel, and not so UK.

Can anybody point me in the direction of some pics I can use?
preferably free since I will be replacing them with my own pics soon enough.
I just want to get something on there NOW!
thanks in advance for the help!

here is a link to the website. I’ve pretty much left the template as is so far.

go to and click the image link and search for “houses”. ton of pics. I am sure you will find something to suit you. hope that helps

Note that that is a copyright infringement so be careful as to which house you pick, essentially you will be nicking pics off other peoples websites.
These websites being based in your locality if you google search them.
If a company can prove you have taken a pic from their website which they have spent $$$ on they won’t be too pleased.They will hang you out to dry.

I think there was a thread on this forum regarding two people who were posting where one took pics of anothers webpage…i don’t know all the details
but it just shows that somepeople don’t like that sort of thing.

And i can’t blame them, as if i have a nice pic of a house where i just broke my back cleaning windows and post it on site and i know that people visiting my site will say wow good job…then i would be p***ed if i found that a competitoritor also posted it as then anyone visiting both sites in search of a windowcleaner will:

a)not believe it is either of our pics
b)think i paid for some cheap site template…(starbrite doug will disagree with the whole template thing)
c)or will think we are in some way affiliated
d)and just in general think it is bad buisiness

Also the other guy will benifit from the pic and possibly recieve work which i would have gained.

Anyhow i dont have a website so i dont have to worry about that sort of thing as of yet but i am just thinking from a website owners point of view.

Where are you based Doug?..

If based in England like the website suggests, why pick American houses. American architecture varies greatly to English architecture styles. Sure big american houses are great looking, but your website won’t be great looking.
It will appear totally out of place.

Oh i have looked at your site again and see your in Calafornia.

Sorry i thought that when you said your webpage was based around english high rise
you meant you were in england!!!

Is the site new? If so, How are you planning to generate traffic to the site?
Google ads?

Where did you get that template Doug - I love it!

Yeah that is a nice template… Doug how do you intend to swap out the image in the template package. Well I know how youll swap it out what I mean is how will you make the new photo match up?

I realize now that since the image at the top is a .swf file I can’t swap it out. I should have realized this earlier, I just liked it so much when I saw it that I purchased it without much thought. $65 for a template I’m not gonna use, I already took it down. Crappy. I can’t “return” it either, but that makes sense. Anybody want it? Not sure if I’m allowed to resell it or not, but I would much less than the $65 I paid.

Search for window cleaning website template on google, it’s the first site that comes up

Thats a flash file right?

I have CS3 I may be able to do it for you… if you want to send me the file.

If you can change the pics Chris - I’d probably get interested :slight_smile:

No promises … but I think I might be able to, and of course I will let you know Karl.

thanks chris I’m sending it right now.

here ya go, there are 2 to choose from, both seem really cool to me if I can figure out how to incorporate my logo and stuff into the flash, that seems to be the problem. when I ordered it, they offered to put my logo in there for an extra $30 or something like that. I declined figuring I could just do that myself, but it hasn’t been so easy so far.

Its a pity - I don’t do any cradle work, but its a great picture. Its the sun in the clouds that does it for me. Are there options to change the labels? Could you add video if you wanted? Or are you pretty much stuck with what they give youy?
Cheers, Karl.

I think I’m stuck with it, but Chris is kind enough to see if he can do something with it that I wasn’t able to figure out.

I have thousands of templates if you want one let me know.
I have never used one for a customer site though all are besoke, but this will be a new thing soon when I have designed a few more for what I want in the UK maybe even over the pond aswell.