Please help with gutter cleaning estimate

What would you charge to clean the gutters on this home? After a recent heavy rain, this concerned home owner said he didn’t see any water coming out of one of his downspout outlets. So perhaps a downspout is clogged.

$.75 a foot 1st and second floors, $1 a foot 3rd floor. If the clog is on the upper bends, it’ll take you 5 minuts to clean, don’t charge hom for that and you’ll have a customer for life.

$200.00 for cleaning- $25.00-$35.00 to flush. Doesnt look like there would be too much in them in the rear due to the height of the gutters. Probably just some pockets of debris here and there. The front left side might be where you’ll spend most of your time because of that tree on the same side. I could be totally wrong but the pricing should be in line if im off a little. You should look for key signs like “chinese water torture” on the mulch and around the foundation. This will reveal where most problems exist.


Thanks Chris. I appreciate that. Do you or anyone else have other thoughts? Maybe a ballpark figure based on the pictures?

Thanks Steve! How do you or others protect the homeowners gutters from being scratched? On this house would you use a standoff and place it on the roof? Or wrap the ladder somehow?


Use your standoff and a 32ft ladder (rent one from Aero Rental) for the high stuff. Ask him which downspout it was and buy a 25ft fish tape (in the electrical dept at Lowe’s or Menards) and that will allow you to make sure that downspout is clear.
I’d charge about $300 because of the high stuff.

$1 foot per gutter. You can usually snake the downspout with a water hose flowing to clear any debris.

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Thanks Tony!

We use stand offs (A.KA.stabilizers) too like Tony mentioned. We also use a similar wind up drain cleaner exactly like a fish tape but it has a drain cleaner spring thing on the end. We always try to flush them out with a sweeper nozzle first but if its a no go, we use the drain cleaner tape next. If no avail, we resort to a 1/4 drive and disassemble the elbow or downspout. Tapping on the clogged area while you are spraying in the downspout can also dislodge a clog sometimes. I love to hear that gushing sound at the bottom when this happens. LOL!


Excellent. Thanks Steve.