Please help

I am submitting a bid for a few dealerships (they are owned by the same people) It’s every two weeks, they are all next door to each other. and about a 45 minute drive. I counted total 430 panes. I am new to commercial, but would really like to have this gig.
What would you guys charge? I’ve included pics of all of the windows that need ladder or pole work, the rest can be done from the ground, pretty much no prob.

the panes on the the white toyota wall thing only need to be cleaned on the one side only.

Thanks for your help. the bid is due tomorrow!

I am thinking just averaging it out to $4.50/pane x 430 panes $1935. Is this too high? too low? right on? I figure it will take 2 guys 14-16 hours (at least that’s my best guess)

So only around 40 windows need ladder or pole work(as in picture)…is that right…?

would you have any pics showing the full job…how big are the remaining 390 or so panes that are not in the pic.

I actaully meant WFP, sorry about that, about half of them will need the 6 foot pole. if you look at the windows BEHIND the white wall with the toyota sign, that is what almost all of the rest of the windows are like. hope this helps. what would you charge base on this info?

So about half of the 430 panes need wfp…?

And the remaining half (215 approx) can be cleaned from ground level.
Still will you clean these at ground level with wfp…or do they need a traditional clean…?

How many panes are cleaned on one side only…?

By the way doug i cannot give you an accurate price as i am living in a climate which is totally differnt to the u.s both in terms of economics and usual practice.

if you answer my above questions for the benefit of others so they an see exactly what work is to be carried out then they can give you an accurate bidding price…not me.

OK, the only windows I will use WFP for are panes you see in the first pic that look white, (these are one side only), and the really high ones you see in the second picture (the ones in groups of 3, there are actually 21 total)

ALL of the rest (325) are more or less like the ones you see in the background of the first picture. some will need to be reached with a pole (not WFP) but they are all ground level windows. hope this makes sense.


Oh are those white panels glass windows?..sorry i didn’t relise all of those were windows. I thought they were palstic panels.

And i was wondering “where are all the 400 windows he is talking about”:slight_smile:

yes, they are actually glass panes, or windows (there is like white paper or something like that behind the glass, but only one side is accessible, and they want it cleaned each time.
yeah the all of the other windows are pretty basic ground level windows, much like the ones in background of first photo thats why I didn’t include more pics.
Thanks for helping make that a little more clear incase anyone else was confused too.

if your really stuck for a price just look for what you would be happy with…

Calculate how long this job will take you…

Say for example it takes 15 hours.

Then ask oursef how much you want to make per hour…

Say for example its $120 p/h

then multiply…so thats $1800

those figures are only for example by the way…i haven’t thought about the job or seen most of it so i don’t know how long it would take.

seeing as the job is for bi-monthly don’t be too greedy

Goodluck…and someone HELP DOUG…the bidding is tommorow

I agree, I am going to give somewhat of a price break, because it is twice per month, and I really want this account. I just don’t want to go TOO LOW. I was thinking of just averaging it out $4.50 per pane X 430 = $1935 per service.
I mainly just do residential and charge $8.50 per window, so $4.50 is almost half that.

What do you guys think of $1935 per service, too high? too low? Spot on?

I figure it will take 2 guys about 16 hours to complete

anyone? is $4.50/pane too high?

wish i could help but i dont do alot of commercial. If it were me i would price a little lower just for the simple fact of guaranteed money in your pocket twice a month or whatever the agreement maybe. 32 man hr @ 50.00 per hr = 1,600 + tax. Please let us know how it turns out for you.

Thanks CCWC. cmon. somebody’s gotta have SOMETHING for me???

sounds kind of high to me but, it is always easier to lower the price instead of raise it.

Hey man, sorry, didn’t log in yesterday.

Your prices sound high to me, for sure, but I don’t work in your market.

You’d have a very hard time getting away with such high numbers here. Maybe a bit more than half that. And forget whatever you’re charging for commercial. Different animal.

[I]Last thing to remember:[/I] There is no such thing as the “right” price for anything in the world, so you have a lot of flexibility. Don’t stress.

Go high, and then offer incentive discounts for various things, so they feel like they’re getting a deal, if you can’t come up with anything. Give them a deadline on the commitment.

Thanks Kevin! I was hoping to hear from you! And I am glad you replied because I did lower my bid A LOT from the $4.50/pane that I said earlier, and what you said is comforting to me.

i do quite a few dealerships, and it always comes down to cost for the customer.

One thing that I’ve found effective if they are going to be a regular monthly contract is to give them a initial price for cleaning everything. but also a price thats slightly lower for monthly maintenance. explain that you’ll do everything on the exterior and the lower interior monthly and every 6 months or so do the interior high windows. for your higher price. (those high windows hardly get dirty anyways)

No it is not, but you might have trouble out here in so cal charging $4.50 per pane.

does that price include sills,screens and tracks???


These car dealerships do not have tracks or screens as the windows do not open.

Are you absolutely sure the white looking panels at the main entrance are glass? I do a Toyota and the cleaning company that subs it to me says they are a special material and can’t be cleaned conventionally. I never questioned it, so I may be wrong. Most of the other panels at “my” Toyota are Old Castle brand and somewhat live up to their rep. on the forums- fair amount of fabricating debris. I’d probably go for about $3.00 per panel, but that may be too high around here. I’m starting to test the limits these days. It’s time. Don’t bid low enough to hate the account. On a commercial job with many clusters of windows I would think you guys can do more than 13 or 14 windows/ hour. (430 panels/32 man hours)?