Please Welcome Bill!

I am pleased to announce a new addition to the WCR Staff Roster.

Bill Labadie who runs Tollins Window Cleaning in Boston Massachusetts’s is now officially part of the WCR family. You can check out Bills Official Bio Here

Bill Is a great friend of mine but also brings a lot to the table. Bill has been hard at work behind the scenes sinse last year researching and developing a new official Window Cleaning Resource Line Of RO / DI Carts and Pure Water Machines. We will be unveiling and releasing products from this new line at some point this year.

Bill is an official pure water expert and is here to answer any questions you may have.At this point we are not able to answer ANY specific questions about our new machines, but he can answer questions about the following:

A machine you are thinking about buying.
A machine you already have.
A machine you are thinking about building yourself.

Bills WCR name is Varitek


Welcome Bill!!! I’m sure with all of your knowledge about ro/di you will be of great help to so many of the members here!!!

Chris and I met Bill and his wife Linda at the 2006 IWCA convention in Mesa. We have been friends ever since. We have since met up at the past 2 conventions. Bill and I traveled to Minnesota to the SRP factory together. Bill and Linda have spent some time with Chris and I in New Jersey and we have traveled to Boston where they live. Bills knowledge of pure water systems blew me away. We are lucky to have him on board with us.

Welcome, Bill!

Hi Bill,
I’d just like to ask if you know what is the highest tds possible to give streak free cleaning on a window? I always change my filters at 010, but did manage (don’t know how) to get away with 030. This was from using contaminated barrels by accident.

Thanks, Karl.

Hey Karl The standard in the pure water industry is set by car washes. Max tds for spot free cleaning is 40 tds I myself go no higher then 14 tds. I hope that helps

Thanks Bill, that would explain the results I get from my local car wash!
I tested it at 050 & that was for the ‘reverse osmosis’ rinse (I was gonna fill up there!). Seeing as my RO gets it down to 018 on average - I reckon either their membrane is on the way out or they are telling “porkys”.
Just a side note, most rainwater is within the 030 range after the initial roof wash, going down to around 001 - 004 in a regular rain area. I’ve yet to try this here, but hopefully soon I’ll be getting into the rainwater harvesting side of thing once I move.

Thanks for the info, Karl.
P.S. Our tap water can reach 1400 tds.

I love it telling “porkys” well put. If you are having problems with the quality of your D.I. we will soon be selling both regen&virgin resin thru the WCR store, as well as membrane cleaning.

I was gonna mention that - MWCoA members were asking where to get resin.
You may want to mention if you regenerate at the same time?
Got to go to bed - the clocks went forward here & its now 4 a.m. !
Thanks again, Karl.

You cleaning carpet now too?

He’s not on here much, but we aren’t doing carpets.

This space for rent!

Welcome Bill…


Somehow while using the wcr app, I was in replying to another thread and quoted someone in that thread. Instead, it quoted Bill WCR and put it in this thread from 5 years ago??? Any idea what happened? Glitch in the app? Any one else have problems like this?

Wow! thats very weird… I will look into that, let me know if it happens again.