Pointer Ladder Question

Hi Guys,

I am thinking about joining the window cleaning industry and leaving my current job. I have read several forums including this one which has been a mind full of information.

The question I have is that I am going to purchase a 3.66mtr double extendable pointer ladder. I have been informed that the pointer can be placed on window frames enabling safer usage without stretching. Is this true please? If not, could you advise a good place to rest the ladder if there is no brickwork above the window and the window is slightly to tall to reach the whole surface? I do not have to funds to purchase a wfp system.

I’m Keen to get advice from those that use a pointer on their round.

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Mark, the best thing you could do would be work a few saturdays with a window cleaner in your area, All the written advice isn’t worth as much as a few days of practical application, and you might gain a contact in the industry, or you might decide window cleaning is not for you

Are you referring to a Ramsey A-Frame or a Titan Monarch pointed? I notice you mentioned rounds so…your obviously in the UK? We here in the states use Stack ladders similar in nature to what i mentioned above.

We have 3 types of tops Vee-groove,Roller top & Open Rung all serve a particular purpose. I myself have Denver’s which only have "open rung tops

Hi Craig,

Yeah, I’m in the UK, I’m talking about the Titan Monarch pointed extendable ladder. Would you guys rest the point on the centre window frame or on the masonery close up to the window?

I’ve started talking to a local window cleaner about possibly assisting him for free for a couple of days. But still early days in conversation yet.

I imagine you could although…it gets slimmer towards the top further up you go!You have to distribute your weight properly higher up you go.

Nice thing about those is they have the rubber insert (if im not mistaken)? Another thing worth mentioning is getting a ladder bonnet to go over the top so it allows you to do interior work (if needed) without fear of marking up interior painted walls.

If you rest it on the center window frame you are trusting that the window is going to hold your weight, placed on the side of the window against the wll edge is usually a safer bet
With pointers the angle of the ladder is such that it is fairly easy to reach across a window so there would not be many that would require over reaching or 2 ladder climbs
also if the window is not that high , placing it in the middle of the lower sill is an option although extension ladders are sturdier for this, having one of each is the best idea, a 20ft extension ladder would get you to most 2nd ( 1st in UK) floor windows and anything above that most of the UK lads either don’t do or use wfp

Cheers for the info guys,

You have both been really helpful. :slight_smile:

let us know if you decide to take the plunge into window cleaning. remember also, many of your local window cleaners do things very differently. some may not know their arse from their elbow, in my experience. bear this in mind before you make any career decisions or form any opinions about this line of work.