Pokey payers

:mad: I have a few customers that are real pokey about handing over the payment when the job is done…they will see me standing there waiting or i’ll even let them know the jobs finished and they will finish whatever they are doing,and im not talking about things that need there imediate attention…like sweeping a floor,washing a few dishes,stocking a shelf…things that I know they could stop for two freaking seconds and hand over the loot…it really erks me…and im a pretty patient guy but this feels insulting to me…how do you guys and gals handle this kinda stuff? How do you say will you hurry the f#%*k up without being a jerk? lol

Sounds as though you have some relationship-building to focus upon.

“Excuse me sir (maam)”, to person d*cking around, " do you know who I might speak to about getting paid? As you can imagine, I have a busy day :)", with a smile. Or “Do you mind signing this?”. I don’t ever cut in line, but sometimes you have to be a little assertive in getting their attention.

as for building a relationship with the clueless or rude people i am speaking of its tough for me because i am neither of those things…maybe you might have an idea how to handle this

thanks advanced…I appreciate your input

I have been known to clear my throat really loud :slight_smile:

I’ve had my share of these that either are clueless (hard to believe) about the nature of a commercial day- go, go , go; or just spiteful and uncaring. One thing you might try is leaving the bill at the start of the job and asking if while you’re there someone can make sure the money is ready for pickup at completion. Some clients may need to be tactfully informed of your circumstances and the need for prompt payment if it’s an on the spot payment deal.

If you do the outs first, inside second, I usually give them the heads up that we’re all done and I will be back in 5 mins with the invoice.
I know that kinda timing won’t always work out, but it seems to help me on most jobs.

I can’t think of a time when your situation has happened to me… Maybe if they’re rude and cranky, you should let em go. Give them to another window cleaning buddy, lol.

You’re kind and considerate – admirable traits that probably provide you skills in dealing with difficult people.

Perhaps start with the Golden Rule…

The fact that you may be a polar opposite shouldn’t hold you back.

Dan’s suggestion of presenting the invoice when you arrive with a brief, friendly explanation of re circumstances is very sound.

Building a relationship benefits both parties – if they are about you, they’ll prolly stop being clueless, rude, and pokey. Work to find a connection! My wife says that fresh-baked cookies and pies are usually the answer. :slight_smile:

thank you josh…good idea about letting them know i will be done in a few mins…i will give that one a try

Building a relationship benefits both parties – if they are about you, they’ll prolly stop being clueless, rude, and pokey. Work to find a connection! [COLOR=“blue”]My wife says that fresh-baked cookies and pies are usually the answer.[/COLOR]

I like that. Whoever pays quick enough gets a cookie. JK, but the cost of a small gift will probably outweight the cost for time spent waiting while building a stronger business friendship.

Tell them you charge by the hour…

Your welcome man. Hope it helps.

Please don’t disregard the other advice you’ve received, though. Sometimes it’s hard to find something in common with a client.
Just know the difference in going the extra mile on a not-too-nice customer( what it’s sounds like you have) and a customer who treats you like sh*t because your a window cleaner, therefore not worth being civil towards. I don’t call the latter back, it’s not worth my time or energy and probably not healthy overall

LOL i say start unstocking the shelf and putting it on the floor. When they ask what are you doing say “Helping you” When they says I dont need your help then you lay it on them " Ok pay me and I will be on my way" hehe JK

Seriously I can see where this would be insulting. Seems though like it is a hazard of the job.

when we finish the insides, as we’re walking out we let them know we are finished and ask them to take a look around to make sure everything looks good. we tell them we’re going to pack up and to get the invoice ready and usually they’re waiting for us as we walk back to the door with their check book.

Patience my friend.
The advice here is good… with those types of clients I just let them know we are almost done and I will get the invoice. Or I pre write it and give it to them when we start. That usually let’s them know we are hurrying and be ready.
I have one job… only one that I feel they make me wait to long. I let them know o have money burning in the truck (employees) and I am really in a hurry. Usually a manager will respect that aspect of wasted time.

Thanx everyone for the advice hear…thankfully most of my customers are not this way, its only a few and these few that I am speaking of( except the older women who seems a little spaced out), have something in common…they have hinted about being unhappy with the price( which is a little lower than what I should be charging as it is)…they were ****y about the first clean charge(which was more than fair considering the condition of the windows)…one of them is the ‘give me a freebie on removing the painted advertisement ’ guy I spoke of in one of my recent threads ’ temporary obstacles’…are good for the occasional ‘not this time stop in next time’… are pizza places…( it seems like I run into alot of this with pizza places…not sure if its a coincidence or not)…and they all dont know what happened to there old window cleaner…“he just stopped showing up”…hmmm…lol…looks like I may have picked up the scraps left by another window cleaner who wasn’t starving anymore and moved on from hotdogs to steak…lol…i’m looking forward to the day I can have some steak too :slight_smile:

I’ve had plenty of these…

When I recognize it happening, I’ll wait the first time. Doesn’t matter how long, then I’ll pull the manager or owner (Preferably whoever I set the account up with) aside and kindly explain my situation. I have 20 to 40 businesses scheduled for the day and It’s going to be close as it is getting them all done in time. I understand and respect the way they run their business but I simply can’t wait or stand in line. I then give them another option “I can leave the invoice and they can send payment in”

Most understand and the ones that don’t - well - Do you really want them as customers?

People with no consideration is definately a BIG turn off for me, customer or not…

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to make this clear when setting up every new account.