Pole or not to pole that is the question

Ok, say youve got some commercial accounts with some second and third story windows that have been completely blacked out from the inside. Would you go ahead and pole em old school style or drag out the hoses and WFP? I know everyone says WFP is faster but I think I could knock these jobs out quicker just poling em and using a fixi clamp to detail since the windows are blacked out from the inside. What do you guys think?

How many windows? Remember, all of us are probably just as fast with the stripper and squeegee, but then you have to climb down the ladder, move the ladder, climb back up the ladder and so on. If it is just a few windows, maybe you wont want to pull out the WFP, but on my trucks, I either have to take off the ladders, climb up and down or take out the WFP setup and just stroke up and down. It’s a personal preference :slight_smile:


whats up windowman, no ladders involved just poling vs. WFP. There are 8 big picture windows, that are blacked out from the inside. I wouldnt be busting out the ladder at all for this gig.

8 windows…humm…are there long ledges?
How often will you be doing them?

I’d say try poling them one time, and then WFP them another to see which one you like…you said you could pole them faster, so time yourself polling and time your self WPF’ing.

If you are not experienced in pole-ing, I would recommend getting up there on a ladder first - then wfping them. In my experience, blacked out windows show up any mistakes more than normal windows on the outside with the reflection factor.