Pole protector

We all know how expensive our poles are and I got fed up with scratching and causing damage to my pole when I cleaned windows above flat roofs or over some other obstruction, it came to a head one day when I was cleaning a window above a garden frame that was fitted together with steel plates, I noticed as I used the garden frame to take the weight of my pole it was being badly scratched by the metal plate.

I went home that day and went into my workshop to see if I could make something to protect my pole from anything that would cause it damage or bad scratching, I wanted it to be removable and easy snap on for when I needed it.
I found some spare waste pipe and looked at it, I then decided to run it up through my bandsaw and cut a small section from it, I was able to just clip this onto any sections (apart from the top two) of the pole that would come into contact with anything that would cause damage to my pole.
I’ve used this now for over a year and I believe it has extended the life of my pole.
Here’s a couple of pictures of what I have done.

And this is it attached to the pole were it would have been scratched or damaged by the roof.

Notice it attached to the bottom section? I tried to store it there so it was always on hand but it became a pain in the Backside when the pole was sliding up and down my hand, I now just store it in the vehicle.

I don’t know what happened to the pictures I’m working on it, I haven’t removed or deleted them.

I also wanted to do a post on my hose protector I designed that allowed you to run your hose across a road or public footpath with out the fear of your hose becoming damaged by vehicles or anyone tripping over your hose, so can anyone tell me how to upload pictures from my photobucket account.

Sorry guy’s I can only get the images to work with a direct link.

I was hoping it wasn’t just me. I couldn’t see the pictures and it was killling me!:wink:

What about using neoprene as a protector?

I use Lizard Skins neoprene chainstay protectors on my cross-country, big-hit, and downhill mountain bikes.

Neoprene is fairly light…

You can use anything you like so long as it can stand up to the vigours of rubbing up and down anything that will scratch your pole, I just had this waste pipe handy in my workshop.

This was the place that prompted me to find something to protect my pole, The plant hanger what ever you call them is held together by Joist hangers and there lethal on poles, it just rips slithers from the pole.

I don’t mind em getting dinged. My issues is…I forget em and leave at stops. :o

Is there a protector from stupid?:o

You can always tie it to your wrist Lol