Pole systems

Hiya everyone i am new to this forum and would like some advise if possible.
i have been traditionally cleaning windows now for around 12 month and have establissed quiet a good round.
I am wanting to start using the water fed pole system method with a trolley mount. But i am unsure about purifying the water.
I have been researching the Di vessels and have noticed there are lots of different types and sizes . Are there much difference ??
I live in an area which has quiet hard water and the water comes out of the tap at approx 240ppm so been told I may be better with 2 Di vessels inside one with a water softner in to save the life of the resin. Does this sound right ??
Also would a 11l Di vessel or 2 be big enough to filter around 10 25l tubs per week??
Also the bags of resin you buy seem to be expensive and different price ranges does a 11l bag of resin only do for one 11l vessel ?? Sounds daft question as it probably does but been a beginner its things like this I’m unsure of !!!
Thanks for your time and hope someone can advise me . Thankyou Andy.

Hi Andy,
Your total cost of ownership would be lower with the addition of an RO filter. (Carbon/Sediment -> RO -> DI). 240 is not that bad, but you’ll still want to run through an RO membrance.

WCR has some great pure water systems that can get you running in no time flat. (I have a Hyrotube and just purchased our second wash-it system, both are really great products. (Hydrotube is listed for sale in the swap meet section)

Call Chris or Alex at WCR and they can fit you into the best solution for you.

Hey Andy,

Where are you located? UK?