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New to the board and to window cleaning as a profession. Spent last summer with a belt holster, bucket, rags and ladders and got an okay start. Now I’m seeing talks about water fed pole systems. Can someone give me quick intro to wfps? Curious about quality of work compared to being right on the glass and cost to get into a 30’ system. What is included in wfps anyway?

Bout as new as ya get at this. Hope you don’t mind talking basics.


For supplies start by talking to Shawn at www.reachhigherground.com. Hands down best service and knowledge!

Thanks Brennon,

Think of me as really ignorant of options for window cleaning. I really am very new to the cleaning business; mid-life reinventing self. What I’m looking for is a basic explanation of what a wfps is, how it is used and what the benefits are.


A WFP or Waterfed Pole is a pole that has a hose running up it that is attached to a brush. This can be anything from an unger extension pole fitted with adapters to allow it to accept a brush and hose, about $100.00 or so all the way up to many thousands for other types of poles. Materials range from Aluminum to fiberglass to carbon fiber, carbon fiber being the most expensive typically.

Water is transported up the hose to the brush to clean the window.

Not just any water will do. You have to have purified water to do the job correctly. Purified water means that you remove all the minerals in the water. By removing all the minerals in the water you will have no spotting when the window is dry. How you remove the water is an imporant aspect to obtaining pure water. You can spend a couple hundred dollars achieving this or a couple thousand. This all depends on the water quality in your area and your desire to use it daily VS. monthly.

The method in which you clean the window with the WFP is simple. You brush the entire surface(while water is flowing through your brush head) then after the entire surface is brushed /agitated you follow up with a rinse. This can be done by lifting one side of the brush off the glass or by rinsing with the brush on the glass with certain brushes.

Any other questions feel free to ask or give me a call anytime and I can explain things to you one on one.

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The pole itself is the delivery system which varies immensely.You have aluminum poles,fiberglass & carbon fiber the last being the most expensive but…for very good reason rigidity.Of course the other serve the purpose well but…carbon fiber is best for high work ie: 3 to 4 stories & up and known for its lightness.

Producing pure water there are several ways D.I.tanks D.I.cart(s) R/O D.I. carts all the way to trolley units. Depending on your TDS (total dissolved solids) AKA PPM (parts per million) will determine what unit(s) will best serve your needs.

Bottom line…you can clean windows up to 60% faster(once you get it wired) as opposed to traditional methods.You basically have water (pure water) fed up through the pole by scrubbing the glass thoroughly along with a good rinse(which flushes away dirt) the glass dries spot free with no other methods needed.

Regardless…Shawn would be a good source of info and will give you the best bang for your buck!

Thanks for the answers. Hey Shawn, what would be the aproximate cost to get started with a wfp system? I’m thinking on a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being lowest quality, maybe a 5 or 6. If I invest in anything it needs to last for some time. However, I don’t have lots of money to invest in the unknown.


There is no real easy answer to this question without knowing the water quality in your area. This will affect what you need for purification. However, that being said, you could rent equipment from a local culligan or a company like that and pay only $100.00 or so out of pocket for purification.

Next you have poles. For a 24’ and a 13’ you will pay less then $500.00 from us. You could just go with the one pole and cut that almost in half.

The next issue would be hoses.

Do you know the TDS in your area.

Feel free to call me today as I’m in the office/shop working on projects all day.