Hey guys (and Gals),

I have a question for you extension pole user types. I have always used the extension poles bought from the local stores and never really opened my mind to the use of the brand name window cleaning poles. Currently I use the 2’,4’ 5’, 18’ and 24’ expandable “Mr. Longarm” poles (I know that this is a brand name, but not specifically for window cleaning) to reach the higher panes on both in and outs. Here is my question: Do the poles from Ettore, Unger, Garrelick, etc, bend less than my current poles. I seem to have alot of flexion with the pole and was wondering if I am being a sissy, or do I need to spend the bucks and get the better poles.



The longest pole I have is the Unger ‘add an arm’ 30 ft. It comes in 5 sections. I mostly use the last 3 sections (18ft) and it works pretty good. With all 5 sections and fully extended it does bend more than I’d like sometimes. It only becomes a problem if the high window I’m trying to reach is part of a split level and is in deep compared to the lower section. (not sure if you will understand that)

I have a Mr.Longarm 24ft. It seems to be lighter in weight construction wise and may actually bend a little less because of only being 3 section and a little shorter.

I’ve used the Unger 30ft and it’s fairly rigid for the length. I own and use extensively the Garelick 4 section 24’ and the Ettore 3 section 24’. The Garelick has by far the most flex. On the other hand it’s internal collar locking mechanism is easier to deal w/ when bringing a pole down to change tools since I like to let the pole slide thru my hands on the way down. Hope this helps.

I rarely go above 30 foot to trad clean with squeegee’s. But it can be done with patience. I have a modified Unger that goes to 45 foot - never used it for squeegeeing though - very heavy. The lighter the pole the easier to control. You will always get flex at height, the higher you go. I thought the new procurve easylock was very sturdy & easy to use. I find painter poles often lighter & stiffer than the Unger. Infact Pulex do a pretty cheap & light pole, although prone to oxidation more than others.