What brand, style, size, age…ect. poles are being used out there. Whats the crowd favorite??

We use Unger here. We always use the shortest pole possible for more control over the blade. We do however, have some jobs that require a 27’ pole to be used from the top of a fully extended 40’ ladder. Sometimes I wonder if those jobs are worth it…

WFP or extension?

I use Unger extension poles (2’, 2-4’, 4-8’, 6-18’, and 6-30’.)

I use their locking tips; just purchased the 30’ from Supply for a 3-story+ tower that required poling from a rooftop. WFP next time!

Mr.Longarm Pro-Curve’s are a Sweet pole too!:wink:

oh Bob, when was the last time you’ve seen a pole? the storage room does not count :smiley:

I use a 2-4 foot Ettore pole for most store fronts.

My first long pole was a 24 foot Pro-curve. I have a love/hate relationship with this pole.

My new pride and joy is my Unger 6-30 foot pole with opti loc tip. I use Unger handles for the most part so this of course make better sense. It is also a very strong pole and can feel the quality.

I have a hodgepodge of poles. 2 Ettore 6-12ft, a 4-8ft Ettore, a 4-8ft Mr Longarm Pro-Fit, 2 24ft Garelicks, and 2 3-5ft Surelock poles (found them at Lowe’s in the painters section).

It’s funny I use the same pole. I live on the 12th Floor, I guess about 120 feet off the ground in an apartment building. One day I layed my pole against the wall, for some reason it lost its footing, rolled off the balcony and fell 12 stories.

The poll still works, but the second section is hard to get out of the first section of the poll.

I use my procurve, garlick but most of the time I use one that I don’t know the name of. I got it at the depot in the painting section. It’s telescopic, about 2 ft long retracted and 4 ft extended, red with a large foam grip along the entire bottom 1/2 of the pole. I love it, it’s just long enough to hit 10ft and stiff enough to use for kung fu. lol

Anyone using an old school wood pole? I can see the benefit like durability and especially in the winter months. But I guess they don’t extend.:confused:

I don’t have any wood poles. But one guy that used to work for us had his own. I work pretty fast when I’m in the field and I’d be scared to get a splinter along the way. Wood doesn’t really conduct cold so it is good in the winter, thats an up side I guess.

It’s a Surelock I think. I have 2 of them. They expand top and middle right?! They are great for short reaches.

How do you like them, I have seen them and was thinking about picking one up.

I really like them. They are unique and fairly sturdy little poles. You’ll need to put a tip on them as they only have a screw end.

Me too…I have some poles that are close to 20 years old…mostly Unger and Ettore…

I carry a tapered wood pole for daily route work

Strictly Garlick (internal collars) for me. They don’t last as long as the unger but i’m charging enough to afford it.

i use a 18 foot Ettore, a 13 foot Unger, a 8 or 9 foot pole i think is made by pulex, not too sure got it at janitorial supply store in town. then i have a 6 foot wooden pole (excellent for storefront in winter) and a 4 foot wooden pole.

I love the Garelick in the nice months… but in the winter, RUN LIKE HELL!

They are not made for freezing conditions.

LOL funny you should say that. My employee just came to me the other day saying "i need another pole, this ones all stripped. I told him to take it inside and try again in the morning. But yes you’re right, they aren’t good for freezing conditions.

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