Poll: Hypothetical Situation

You’ve got a full day ahead. 1 commercial office exteriors (2 floors), 10 storefronts and 1 residential exterior job. Only problem is, someone has stolen all your gear.

[I]You only have time to visit one manufacture[/I] to replace everything that you’ll need to get through the day. Which company do you go to?

Items needed would be a long pole, short pole, squeegees (handle, channels & rubber), t-bar, scrubber, scraper, BOAB, regular bucket, etc.

I voted ettore, but I don’t know if they do a 30ft pole
I don’t much like unger or pulex stuff, other than the unger poles

They have a 27’ pole.

We had a problem with a gross of ‘12’ ettore rubber last year. The customer service in Alemeda C.A. was professional and swift in dealing with the issues we had.

I would still stick with the unger pole, that must be 3 9ft sections, awkward to use, I wonder if that would fit inside the two large unger pole sections , that would give you a 39ft pole

A little birdie (John Riley) told me about an Ettore/Unger hybrid pole that would amount to around 39’. I think starting from the bottom to top it would go Ettore, Ettore, Ettore, Unger, Unger. Need to confirm that. But from what I hear it is actually stronger because the Ettore sections are stronger than the Unger.

Hey Pat,
Ettore carries a 27ft pole in 3 9ft sections.

I believe it will, because my small 8ft two piece Ettore fits inside my Unger Tele-Plus pole. I was thinking the exact same thing a few months ago.

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]I’d like to apologize everybody. I need to read all the posts before I jump in. Sorry. :o[/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Anyway I think the three Ettore pieces go on top because that is where the Unger is weakest, especially the very top piece. Also the bottom pieces of the Unger would be much fatter than the Ettore bottom section.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]If you’re thinking of a WFP on the cheap there is a problem. The convertion kit only fits on an Unger pole. The Ettore inside diameter is smaller than an Unger, because the Ettore metal is thicker, AND BETTER than Unger’s metal on the top section.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]Sorry, Let’s not hi jack this post!!![/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333][B]I think Ettore rocks! :D[/B][/COLOR]

No , not a wfp, theres a hotel I do that would be far easier to pole than ladder, but I did not have a pole long enough,

I’ve always found Etorre to be the most effective… Unger I found flimsy and unreliable. Etorre has better metal and their rubber lasts a bit longer I’ve found.

Just my two cents.


You could add the Ettore 27ft. pole to the bottom two pieces of your Unger Tele-Plus for about $75.

I assume you refer to squeegee channels. Are you discussing brass, stainless steel, or both?

What do you mean by “better metal?”

He’s probably talking about poles.
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]That’s where we were in the discussion.[/FONT][/COLOR]

but Ettore rubber.

Neither of these companies makes the best of everything. It’s all good, just personal preference.

I, of course, chose Ettore. They have, to me, the best products out there w/ the exception of the scraper. If they made the new Pro+ scraper angled then I might give up my Triumph angled MK3. I recently switched to using the ProFit ploes from Mr Longarm as I like the locking mechanism and the bottom of the pole is trilobal so it’s more comfortable to use all day long.

I’m going to have to go against the grain here and say Unger. I can not get away from the Ergotec handles. I’ve been using them for so long. They’re comfortable and never given me any problems. In fact, I had the first one break on me just the other day. I dropped it and some of the plastic chipped off at the bottom of the handle.

I didn’t mind though. I don’t know how many years old that handle was. It was over two I know. That handle probably paid for itself 1000 times too. I’m still using it as well. I just switched it out with my 4 inch channel.

I loose an Unger pole before it breaks. Their rubber does not last the longest, but I feel it does have more glide then the Ettore when it’s fresh outta the container.

I use an Unger bucket. I’ve used it for years too, no problems, it’s not like a bucket can develop too many problems though… other than a leak.

And now after using the Unger BOAB for a few weeks, I totally see the flaws of the Pulex BOAB.

I just like the green color too.

Yeah but black is much cooler.:smiley:

Why’s money green then? :slight_smile:

Perhaps, but he mentioned rubber in the same sentence.