Poll: order of cleaning

I was hoping to make this a poll, but having trouble, so I will just ask it-

on a typical 2 story track home, (e.g. 3,000 sq. ft), do you first start cleaning the…:

  1. inside
  2. outside
  3. screens

insides, then sceeens then outsides.

Since my wife and I work together she starts inside while I start on the outs. If the screens can be taken off from outside I deal w/ them otherwise she will. We brush the tracks and screens first and then take care of our respective panes.

I’m going nuts over here making polls, I’m so stinkin excited:D
I feel like a michael jackson in neverland

Interior first.

I’ve always taken the screens out first because thats what I was taught but now that I think about it, you should probably clean inside first and take the screens out as you go, then do the outside last. The customer will like this better as you will not be wet, dirty, and stinky and they might want to leave and go somewhere also this would save time. The only down side is you get to finish off in the sun.

i do outside first taking out the screens and cleaning them as I go. If the screens can only come out from the inside then ill do inside first, clean the screens after, then hit the outside.

My method depends on how dirty the screens are. If they really need a serious cleaning, I will pull them first and clean them first with a WFP. Then while they dry I go and clean inside, then outside, then wipe the remaining dirt and water from the screens and put them back. If it’s too cold to wash them or if they are able to be brushed cleaned. I will remove, place to the side, clean inside then outside. Then brush the screens before I place them back. When ever possible I start on the inside. I try to minimize my time in the customers home.

If I was cleaning solo I would do the interior first. This way if the client wants to take off they can and not have to wait till the exterior & then interior are done. Then the exterior windows doing the screens at the same time, especially on two story jobs. Makes for less ladder moving.

As a team, my wife does the inside and I do the out at the same time, if it’s a in/out job. If it is just exterior I do the windows while she does the screens.

I see pros and cons on all those combinations presented on the poll, but most of the time I do the outside first considering that that side is the dirtiest. I’ve done insides first, and just found myself going back inside to retouch once the outsides are done, since is hard to tell sometimes where that spot is (in or out).
But, pretty much everything else, is a matter of personal preference.

Exterior first as it is hard for me to tell what is on the inside of the windows while looking through a wall of dirty outs.

I do the insides first on double hungs and if I need to remove screens. The reason I do double hungs from the in first is becuase sometimes the water drips down onto the outside of the bottom pane.

ON those windows I do the top pane outside first, if is a 1 story only, for the same reason.

There is only one reason that I’ve come across that would make starting with the interiors the wiser choice: its more convenient for customer.

Otherwise I start with the exterior for the reasons already mentioned in this thread.

Here’s another reason:

It’s more convenient and productive to me, the WC’er.

I remove the screens and vacuum the interior tracks and exterior screen track. In many cases, it is easier to remove screens from the interior by pushing on the frame opposite the springs.

Vacuuming the exterior screen tracks eliminates the “mud” one must deal with on the exterior, as well as any streaking on double hungs (if the exterior was cleaned first prior to opening them to clean interior tracks.)

I agree, and for this reason I always start with the inside.

thats funny…

Obviously I meant If it is more convenient…

The customer almost never cares about where we start. What they always do care about, though, is if their windows are clean. And I find that a good clean is more easily accomplished if I start on the outside. That is my preference.

Yeah, there are certain times when they prefer we start on the outside (ie kids still sleeping inside etc). In which case we start on the outside. As has been said there are pros and cons to any order of cleaning.

So all in all it really doesn’t matter. Make your own choice and go with it. I’ve seen this same poll on most all of the forums and it’s always mixed responses. Neither is wrong…neither is right.



do you ever find that the water you use on the exteriors seeps back into the interior tracks after you’ve cleaned them?