Portable Water

Trying to figure out how to get water from a 200 gallon water tank to a small pressure washer? Can anyone give me an Idea? As simple as possible…

Thanks in advance.

make sure pump is below water line in tank so it gravity feeds. What size hose are you using? Sometimes you can get and air lock. Just hook water hose from faucet and turn on water pressure and pump and it will blow out airlock here is a pic
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Keep the tank in a van or truck or trailer. Use gravity to feed the pressure washer. Rig up a fitting for the bulkhead at the bottom of the tank. Then run garden hose from tank to pressure washer.

if you dont have a drain at the bottom you can drill out a piece and buy the parts you need from a pressure washing shop to hook up a hose from tank to pressure washer

Remember, gas is gonna be a nightmare once you have 200 gallons pooping around in your trunk.