Possible income or royal pain

I wish I could say this was my idea. I got a call today from a big Realtor in town, she asked me if I would be interested in cleaning her yard signs. As she sells a house she stores them in her garage, and would like them cleaned before she needs to put another one out. So it sounds as if there will be quite a few to do at once. Is there anyone out there that has done this, does this? I was thinking about getting her dirtiest one and see how easy or hard they are to clean. Any ideas, good, bad, and the ugly?
Also, she does maintenance on the signs at homes for sale right now, it may be possible to sell her on us doing this when she gets busier. (this could be similar to a window route, traveling around to all her signs cleaning them in the yard, and trim the grass around it as well). Any pricing ideas? Any input is appreciated.

Interesting request for sure. Bravo for her.
What are the signs made of?.. Aluminum? That glossy cardboard stuff?
I would come up with a minimum cost per visit and see if she buys in from that starting point. Probably more lucrative than maintenance, unless she’s willing to pay for dead time between signs.

they are the nice aluminum!

the more realtors you get on board, the better the money (that is if they go for it)

Did the real estate agent give any indication as to how much she was willing to pay to have them cleaned? Those signs can be bought new in the 60 dollar range, so I wouldn’t imagine the real estate agent wanting to pay anymore then 5-10 or so dollars a piece to have them cleaned.

I would explain the importance of having the windows washed on the houses she is putting on the market. Real estate agents know this is important, they just need some persuading into persuading their clients into having it done.

Maybe you can offer to clean the sign for free while you’re cleaning the windows on the house? I would use a nice car wax after cleaning to help protect the paint.

Realtors are a pain in the arse to deal with, set it up to deal with her assistant and save yourself some headache.

Perhaps realtors view you the same way…

Hmmmmmmm… I work 4 a few REA’s and imho they seem 2 be no-nonsense-get-the-job-done-and-do-it-well-kinda-peeps. Could just be our water I suppose. :confused: