Post Card

OK fellas, lots of talk about holiday lighting this time of year. I am submitting my post card advertisements for this years lighting season. Let it rip. Tell me if you like them or not, and why or why not.

Oh Yeah, these are most likely going to be handed out door 2 door, or passed out at high foot traffic areas, probably not going to mail them.

I dunno if the first pic is the best…it’s quite a small house, and even though you will most likely be posting the cards to houses like these, it doesn’t really have the wow factor…
It’s one colour of red for the most part…not really multi coloured so it wouldn’t exactly catch my eye.

I like the 2nd pic more.its a bigger more stream lined house so easier on the eye…although it i not colorful, i think this is ok as the monotone white seems sophisticated.

Looks good Bert… I would do something with the Fonts… It looks like you have quite a few different types of font on the phone # side. Maybe try to limit it to 2 different styles.

Ok, you asked for it!

Nah, just kidding…

Bert - I think that it could be improved by focusing more attention on the homeowner, and shifting the composition on the back around a bit…

[INDENT]Tell them why they need you.
Tell them how great your services are going to make their life.
Make the offer jump out more.
Get rid of “specializing in window cleaning services” and replace with “your high-access lighting specialists”
Replace “our schedule fills fast” with “don’t miss out! Early reservations take priority” or similar.
Tell them why 10 yrs in business matters.
Tell them how insurance protects them.
Give them a testimonial or two, instead of hinting that they could get one if needed.
Move the company name to the bottom.
Consider a unique URL connected to a catchy [new] headline for the front.[/INDENT]

Hope that helps.

P.S. Of course, a deadline, guarantee, coupon, all that kind of stuff will make it better and better too…