Postcard for scrutiny


I can’t wait to see the final product. I am glad we have such a place to do these critiques prior to submitting to the presses only to find our postcard sucks.

With that in mind, I am adding one of my post cards to be srutinized. Sorry to ride your coat tails here Kurt, but when in Rhome…French Panes Final Draft (front).pdf (515 KB)French Panes Final Draft (back).pdf (515 KB)

A design does nothing but to get people to look, it does not sell at all. So that is where the offer needs to be strong. I do like the pictures of the stuff you do.

Every single person is going to act or not act exclusively on the offer. I do not care what picture or design you go with. The offer now is not good at all, almost terrible.

Trying to get the attention of those that were thinking about getting their windows cleaned will put you in the poor house. Do you ever walk into a Target or the grocery store to buy a specific thing and walk out with 10 other things? Everyone does.

To make a mailer that will get both the “been thinking about doing it” and the “I have not thought about it” costs zero extra dollars. Why exlude the majority?

Your designer is not likely a direct marketer (judging by the card) and will likely not be able to do anything to help your offer.

He is there to work with your message and offer, not the other way around.

The card is 100% focused on the company and I can assure you it will fail. Test a small batch first to find out for sure, then go large.

p.s. I am not trying to be a know it all here. I just know how slow the market is for all of us right now and I would hate to see you waste your hard earned dollars. We need to squeeze every nickel these days.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day or spelled w/ an H. Sorry Bert I couldn’t resist.:o

Any ideas on how I can improve it?

I think this is an interesting offer that I can look into by calling the Biosphere to check out. I would have to check and see if they could vastly improve the price, currently it is $40 per pair of adult tickets, but the idea is a great one… it can be tied in so many ways.

yeah, give it value. % off is a very weak offer because nobody knows what that equals. It has no value. Is it $5, $10 or $50 off?

I would change it to a dollar amount- Call Today and Take $20 off!

People understand $20, so even if the 10% was greater it would still not initiate as many responses. 10% is nothing without a price to base it on. It is an urban myth that people will run to the phone for a quote just to find out what 10% is. Also, they may have doubts that you will jack up the price to cover the 10%- because they have no idea in the first place of what it is.

If you are married to the % off- Call Today and Take 10% off (saving you up to $30!)

People will not decipher offers, give them a good idea.

It is in Rhome, Texas…only tweny miles down the road from me…hahahah

you’re right Kurt…it doesn’t, I’d have done that too…hahahah

I guess everything is bigger in Texas, even the names have extra letters.:wink: