Postcard marketing

For those of you who are serious about your marketing, mailing 14pt, uv coated front/aqueous coated back postcards, larger than 4x6. And actually have a bulk rate permit, and try to get carrier saturation/high density rates (automation or even machinable would be fine too) for your mailings… (Ok, even 10pt cardstock, and on a 4x6 postcard, paying full postage) What are your various stories for response rates?

Say you mail out 2,500 postcards. What would you expect to happen? And were there times you mailed out that many fliers, and even went door to door to hang an additional 800 fliers… And only got 3 phonecalls in 3 weeks? Do people actually hold on to these postcards, and call a few months, to many months later? Or do I just need to try a different area? (And suck it up that this particular mailing was a failure? And doorhanger campaign for that matter) Maybe this area is heavily canvased, and I need to market in a less focal pointed area? As I did see three other fliers on someones door that had moved out, from other window cleaners, and they were on regular paper, and FARRRR inferior to mine. Like not even in the same universe. These were the creme de la creme homes in one part of town, in my neck of the woods I’m talking about.

In my experience people do hold on to them for awhile, especially if you offer a 15% off with no expiration date. While it is not post cards, I’ve had more phone calls from a yellow pages add this year than I had in the past 3 years. I haven’t been in the book for 2 years.

I want to make sure you got my follow up to the insurance thread. I mis-wrote, as I often do, I would NOT do a single job without insurance.

I got your post over there, and I figured that’s what you ment even the first time you mis-wrote it. As far as these postcards, I did not put ANY coupons or offer any discount on them. I just wanted to present, high design, name branding, and enticement of perceived value given through my verbage. Though, there really was an offer, just not in coupon form. If they read through it, they would have seen that with every full wcing they get all their screens cleaned, mirrors wiped, coach lights cleaned, lamps dusted, blinds dusted, and ceiling fans all cleaned for free. So for the right households that could really add up to alot of extras.

Is that the yellow pages phonebook your talking about? Or online yellow pages? If the book, how big is your ad, and how much do you pay per year? And if online, same deal?

Hey Leo

I do a bit of direct mail and it gets pretty tough to judge response rates as so many factors can effect it. Also we have people that hold onto there cards for years literally! Even though they all have expiration dates.

Mailing to someone from your database of prospective and repeat clients will always yield a better response rate. We can mail to the biggest piece of garbage card in March April and have an amazing response rate. Mail out a super well produced great piece in August and well have horrible results.

The main factors I have found that contribute to the cards success is: The demographics it hits, the time of year it hits, and the weather the day it hits.

Do you think it matters if I prefer not to put “or current resident” on the card, to make it more personalized to the homeowner? Or do you think it doesn’t matter in that regard? Because believe you and me, it makes it a whole lot less of a pain to put those simple little words on your mailings. No NCOA certification for one, and a few other little eases of the mailing process thrown in.

And do you think it is too late to mail a new perspective customer a marketing postcard in June? Do you think that maybe one reason I didn’t get the response rate I should have, was because I mailed the last round in the beginning of May, and I was like a month or two late on that one?

Tell me what you think about marketing new people in July, August, September also.

Would you ever mail the same postcard to the same household twice, in two different mailings, months apart? Or would you always change it up some?