Postcard Q

Thinking about a postcard campaign. If any have done it before how well did work? i.e ROI it seems somewhat pricey but worth it if you get a good response. What is a good reply rate say on 5,000 pieces. Recommend a company to make and send the cards? Like everyone else I don’t want to waste money on ineffective marketing.

Thanks for your replies:D

By postcard do you mean direct mail?

I think Chris said they usually get 1-2%. So for 5,000 postcards you’d get 50-100 responses. I’ve never had any sent out, but I get mine made at either or But I’ve heard good things about

WAY too many factors there.
best case scenario on 5k postcards 50-100 prospects then its up to you to close the deal. this number is based on how your piece looks, what kind of offers you use to get people to call, where you get your list etc.
no one wants to waste money on ineffective marketing… its only ineffective if you dont set everything up properly and do your research.
look at the post card by simplyglass to get some ideas or in the download section…


Chris is not getting 1-2% and he does not need to.

Can you imagine mailing 700,000 pieces and getting a
2% return :eek:

I would focus on keeping the costs down and instead
of counting how many you get, add up what you make.

Most mistakenly think percentage wins when it’s really
ROI that matters.

Hope that helps a little

I do this every spring and fall. I send them to customers I have done before. I use Ups store and he mails them for me at 32 cents. I send him a cvs sheet. I get good results