Postcards Idea

With corona still going on I’m thinking of adjusting my postcards to better fit the current times

Something like no contact estimates, social distancing, exterior window cleaning, etc

What’s your take?

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I’m trying to figure out the same thing.i just restarted doing my own thing and picked a great time to do it in apparently :rofl: .I think your ideas are great as in you sending a post card out and they call in being perfect for residential.but how about commercial jobs?I’m having a heck of a time doing a contactless estimate process because it’s easier for them to blow you off and just not respond.fonyou have any ideas for that?

I think I these times anytime you can say or show that your covid compliant will help customers be more at ease so your ideas is great by adding that

Yes. So I won’t include the exterior window cleaning part
Just more covid phrases

As far as commercial I’m not sure because I’m not doing commercial

I would say you could get their business cards and call them up and see if any would be interested in getting some quotes

Just get like 100 business cards and call em up! lol

I second not using the ‘outside only’ phrase. We sent out an email in April that said that we would be doing that until May 8 (when our restrictions were lifted) and people still think we are doing outsides only and not insides.

Thanks. I’m not including exterior only. I’m using Window Cleaning Summer Special
And then list the no contact estimates, etc.