Power Lines

dont sweat your ladder round powerlines as long as your standing on concrete…lol

I’d pass

Did you wash those windows? Did you have the power lines covered? Electricity is a real hazard. For the new cleaners on here it is important to keep in mind they may not really understand the true hazard those lines are. There have been too many injuries and fatalities to be flippant about a safety hazard.

A fiberglass extension ladder will be safer than an aluminum one in this situation. It’s good to have at least one fiberglass ladder for stuff like this.

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]dont sweat your ladder round powerlines as long as your standing on concrete…lol[/FONT][/COLOR]

I don’t think the concrete is making you any safer…

Wow…had to look twice…ok 3 times…didnt see it…we had a condo the other day, went round back and the power lines were[B] inches[/B] away from the glass…before we went around the customer told us to be careful when doing those windows beacuse of the lines…i’m thinking, mam, we’re professionals, we work around power lines all the time, we’re always careful… then we saw what she was talking about. I cant believe the power company would even allow that. I deducted a little from the price, not even worth it.

Is that power or phone/data lines? It looks like power utility is run underground. The piping from the meter runs into the ground.

Always best to consider all lines electric. Call the utility and have them identify them. Had a friend who was a roofer for over 30 years killed last year when his ladder slipped and hit the power lines.

Just grab hold of it. You’ll find out soon enough if it’s electrical or not.

[COLOR=#333333]Just grab hold of it. You’ll find out soon enough if it’s electrical or not[/COLOR]

I think you need to put a smiley face at the end of that statement for liability purposes, Phil :slight_smile:

A better idea would be to delete the post. This is not something to be funny about.

I’d agree - too many dead wfp window cleaners for this to go out as advise. Electric conducts through ladders even if they are wood.

Yea i washed em…and it wasnt the first or last time working round power lines… ill take the jobs other window cleaners are to scared to take

Yes until you end up dead.

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RIP Joseph

Clean Cut,
We all have to work around power lines. Safety is easily forgotten or dismissed as not being that important. Anyone that has been in this business knows the temptation to try your luck. Realize that is what you are trying. Unsafe work practices are what gets people hurt or killed. Elevated safety in your mind and the customers is how you get paid for the extra steps and hassle of being safe. Charge what you need to to keep yourself ad your employees safe. As employers we are responsible to keep those safe that we employ. Knowingly ignoring safe work practices and publishing them on a professional site as being ok, not only sets a poor example for others, but is also a liability for your company if you were unfortunate enough to have an employee injured. Just a word of caution for your own benefit and others trying to learn how to operate their own company.

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Karl is already preparing a Robinson’s Solutions post for this. (notice the lack of smiley face / lol etc after this statement)

I dont know if it was my mind playing tricks on me or not, but about a month ago I was about 4 feet from a power line when I felt a tingle in my hand. I was nervous working that close to it in the first place, but that put the fear of God in me. No more of that bullsh!t for me. No way.

Clean Cut - I know you’re kinda new to this, but you really seem to take a lot of unnecessary risks. Customers DO IN FACT Google your company, and more than likely they land here on WCR considering the SEO juice this forum has. Have you considered that you may be losing potential clients because they see the risks you are taking?

Just sayin’

First thing we do after our initial walk through, is place safety cones underneath electric lines.

Any thing can be done if done safely. thanks for the rip messages peepz but no need to worry k… I need all the jobs i can get. I cant afford to pass up on a job becuz of telephone wires…I think some people might have taken this thread the wrong way and im sorry for that

Save yourself some pain and purchase linesman gloves. No need to juice yourself or someone else.