Power wash biz 4 sell

Trailer mounted hot water unit, surface cleaner, hoses, reels, tanks, pump etc…

Including current accounts in and around the space coast area and orlando.

pm for details.

This will not last so fish or cut bait.


Sold to a guy who is gonna come get your accounts :slight_smile:

He’s coming to Iowa?:eek:

Personally… I thrive on competition. bring-it-on :stuck_out_tongue:

The guy is local so the post was for the local lurkers who use our info but never post. (they know who they are)

Hard to compete from Fl with guys outside the area huh.

That’s a relief Phil - you had me a little worried about this wandering minstrel of power washing!:wink:

Awesome wordsmithing Tony. That was funny!

Hey man, I’m just trying to keep up w/ you!:smiley:

Even so…the wandering minstrel thing was too funny.

I am a jokester for sure…and I appreciate it when someone steps outside the box for a reply. THAT was outside man.