Power wash pavers

i have a customer that wants me to clean her pavers. what should i use. how whould i do it? i’ve cleaned my fathers and my own vinyl houses plenty of times with generic stuff from lowes. her grass comes right up to the pavers and shes very concerned with it killing it. also, i know pricing is a common question but would you charge by the square foot and how much?

how big is each one?

about brick size. it was dark out tonight and the customer didt have lights so i didnt have much to work with. i’m going back tomorrow to try to work up an estimate

We’ve used a 24" surface cleaner with low pressure and volume (3000 psi, 2.6 GPM). We had no grout problems (Grass, in this case), and customer was very happy.

its about 280 square feet. what would you ball park it at?

that’s not a lot of SA. do you have a min price for PW? You’ll probably do better that way. Maybe tell 'em you have a $100 min for PW?

As far as chem’s a normal house wash mix would work. The S.H. would kill the grass. I did a job like that but scrubbed it with a deck brush. It was a small walkway, not to bad