Pressure Issues With Big Job

Using the 3 Stage Tucker system, I cannot seem to muster any sort of pressure. I changed the carbon filter, as it was nasty.

Here’s the scoop. It ran great in the morning. The TDS started at 004 and the pressure was great (not a low pressure issue). Two hours later it was at 13. Then it left stuff everywhere. I changed the carbon sediment filter, tried three different ones with micron ratings of 5 and below. Still nothing. (no pump was used during this time)

Edit: Even with my carbon filter OUT of the system, I get zero pressure. Like, the water doesn’t even come out. (maybe that isn’t the issue)

Any ideas??? I need help ASAP.

Thanks for the help guys!

Also, this happened with my brand new client. Top 3 client, but I have to figure this out, as they were a bit apprehensive bring me on in the first place.



Did the system have a flow issue prior to changing out the carbon filter?

Changing the carbon filter will not solve the high TDS.

Give the office a call if you need quick technical support.

Shawn Gavin - C.E.O.
Tucker® / RHG Products Co

Something is causing your water flow to be blocked. Check all your fittings first before we consider it a filter problem. Are you getting good water flow out of the waste water? Also remove the DI cartridge and see if it improves the flow. Feel free to call or text me 24/7

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