Pressure-pro vs Vortexx

Ok Vortexx or Pressure-pro for a 4gpm 4000psi pressure washer. Which one would you choose?

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I have both brands. The vortexx frame is superior Unnloader/bypass design is superior…the gear drive one is the one to go with… The AR pumps are good, but not appreciably better than the general pumps on the pressure pros.

Pressure pro is cheaper, but i don’t think they have a gear reduction unit, just belt drive. Gear box setup is nice- light enough that one guy can lift it into truck… Belt drive- tall order to lift that by yourself.

I guess if you have the extra $ go vortexx. But you won’t regret buying a pressure pro. Unless you are working alone and are planning to lift it into/out of a vehicle…

Great feedback- I am planning on converting whatever unit I get to be skid mounted for my 4X6 trailer with my 65Gal Buffer tank.

if it’s just a 4gpm, i would maybe consider leaving it on a cart and just rigging a way to fasten it to the trailer. that way you have the option to go mobile if necessary.

if you end up on a job with an unusually long run (300’ or more) the performance will start to suffer. you would be better off having the machine closer to your work area.

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