Pressure washer on the cheap!

Spend the hundred… on a good rental machine. Many shops have a 3.5-4 gpm machine available. Rent an extra 50’ or 100’ pressure hose to make the job easier. I used a 2.5 gpm machine on exactly one job… it was excruciatingly slow.

Call Bob @ pressuretek and get everything you need to downstream with: elemonator, low pressure tips, and injector.

Then use the money you make off the jobs to get a decent machine. The 5.6@2500 pressure pro is a good unit. But you’ll want to set it up with a buffer tank.

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THAT is something I never even thought of…great idea!

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I’m thinking about getting this exact washer down the line, no more home depot ****

Question, is 2500 psi a bit little for flat work? Like concrete, pavers, etc.

There’s one 5.5GPM at 3500 psi for about $2k more on pressuretek, at that point I might as well get the 8gpm.

I never got to use a surface cleaner very much with that machine (barely any flatwork in my area). But the consensus seems to be that it’s a bit on the low side for running an SC; adequate for residential concrete, but probably not commercial. Pre and post treating were highly recommended for good results.

This is the machine I run, still after 2 full seasons and on it’s third…

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What size buffer tank?

I started with a 65 gallon tank, can use a 50/55 gallon… I currently use a 275 tote on my trailer