Pressure Washer?

Hey Ive been in the window cleaning business for about 2 years now and ive gotten a few requests for power washing ive had to pass up. I was wondering if you guys who do this service could recommend a good machine to get started on. Budget is tight so im looking for a machine that is on the low end of the price scale but will still get the job done.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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What kind of pressure washing are you looking to do? You do not need a huge pressure washer to get started in residential pressure washing. If you plan on cleaning a lot of concrete, you’ll have to spend some bucks and get a hot water unit.

I’m guessing your looking to get started into residential pressure washing though. A small washer in the area of 3 to 4 GPM and 3000PSI or more will do fine for your average home. You can do some searching on this forum to learn more.

Yes im sorry, im looking for mostly residential with maybe some small sidewalk/ driveway work as well.

I just noticed you live in Kentucky. You may wanna give this guy a shout. His name is Michael Kreisle and he owns First Choice Power Washing in Lexington, KY. His website is

Michael puts some pretty cool pressure washing videos on YouTube under FCPWLLC. He’s about 70 miles away from you, so you he may not hesitate giving you some good tips.

This just keeps getting better and better for you! lol. Forget the Home Depot and everything. You’ve got an awesome pressure washing equipment store right there in Louisville.

Russ Johnson is the owner. He’s super helpful; helped me several times over the phone with equipment problems. I bet he could set you up nicely.

I know a few people who have been very happy with what they got from Merrill Fox

Great info guys I really appreciate it. So how about that uk uofl game :slight_smile:

get a honda 9 hp 3 gpm
it will work just fine.

I run a pressure washing company in florida, dont buy anything less than 4.0 gpm. except for concrete work pressure isnt nearly as important as gpm, GPm = time , the more water it pushes per minute the less time you spend cleaning, i purchased different tips for my machine to adjust the output of the machine, mine pushes 5 gpm at 4000 psi but i use the 500 psi tip on just about everything except concrete, and then i use a flat surface cleaner at full pressure, the types of cleaners you use makes a difference too, let the soap do the work and your machine more for rinse, check out Pressure-tek,,,the, do a lot of reading, IT IS VERY EASY TO F#^* something up using high pressure

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Thanks for the info ill check those places out.

I’ve talked to a few people in my neck of the woods. Only problem they see with anything over 3gpm is if you are running 3+gpm on a sandpoint well. A lot of our summer cottages up here in northern WI (think 500 - 5,000 sq. ft.) aparently have sand point wells that simply will not deliver the water need for anything over 3gpm. The bigger ‘cottages’ usually have drilled wells, but not always. Have you folks run into this?


You will most likely need a buffer tank