Pressure Washing apartment complex

ill be pressure washing this apartment complex next week…

how would you deal with these balconies, would you just stay in the ground and get what you can get. or ladder up to clean inside the balconies.

there is a pretty good build up of dirt on the stucco, will down streaming house wash mix remove all the dirt with no/low pressure?

sorry about the word document, i couldn’t figure out how to save a screenshot as a photo…

Did your bid include to clean the balconies?

You’ll more then likely need a stronger mix then a regular housewash mix.

Hope you bidded high enough.

so should i downstream straight 12.5% SH?
i have a 10gpm tip i could use so i have some pressure AND chemical doing the work
(4 gpm machine)

would it be more common to actually clean the balconies or just do the siding…
im pretty sure just the siding needs to be done…
ill confirm before doing the job though
i cant imagine cleaning those things with all the tenants crap on them

thanks for the info Micah, i cant get any over on ptstate, i would be told to use the search feature then get bashed about being a newbie :frowning:

Well… Technically you should know this stuff before you bid, because this kinda stuff greatly affects price.

Kinda like bidding a storefront without knowing how many windows they have or how often they want it clean.

That being said, you need to be placing fliers on the doors NOW telling the tenants what day youll be washing. Tell him to pull anything off the balcony or porch that they don’t want getting wet.

You’ll have to play with your mixture tell you get it right, trial and error is best.

We give the managers a soft schedule of when we will be washing each building. If there is anything that really looks like we’ll mess it up by getting it wet we pass on the porch and let the mgr know about it.

You’ll get residents who even though they received a flyer will still leave windows and doors open and valuble electronics sitting outside.