Pressure Washing Safety Question

Did my first pressure washing job today; went well. Just cleaning off a couple of concrete patios.

[COLOR=“red”]Is it safe to keep the pressure washer and a plastic gas can in my van all the time?[/COLOR]
It would be nice to have it with me at all times for upsale purposes.

Excellent question. Probably not the greatest thing to do. The pw is probably safer than a can. But I think any fire person will say no. Can you minimize the potential for hazards, yes. Here’s a link on the issue of storage containers. National Ag Safety Database - Storing Gasoline and Other Flammables

It can be done, you just have to be careful. Some gas cans are safer then others.

I keep all my pressure washing equipment in an enclosed trailer. That’s about 18 gallons of gasoline, and 18 gallons of diesel. Always allow proper ventilation, and don’t allow it to spill.

Since the floor of the van is likely metal, I wonder if it would be smart to keep the gas can on a small piece of plywood to prevent static electricity.

Actually my van is carpeted (which I want to keep since it is also a family van). Was thinking about getting a rubber mat. Would plywood be better because of static electricity?
What would you consider 'proper ventilation?