Pressure Washing Tile Roofs

Do any of you guys pressure Wash roofs when it rains out?
Do you recommend doing this?

I’ve washed a couple of tile roofs in the past year, but never in the rain. Seems annoying and dangerous to me. Plus, I would have to find a dry spot for my PW, which is sometimes unavailable.


No way Doug, you’re crazier than I thought if your gonna do tile roof work in the rain!

I don’t think I’m gonna put pressure on a roof any more. All roof jobs in the future for me are gonna be straight apple sauce and sprayed on. 3 man job for tile work. Two up top with harness system and one below wetting things down!

Pressure washing roofs is a horrible idea in soooo many ways.
No pressure roof cleaning is the way to go, with a dedicated chem spraying system.

The learning curve is steep (it’s easy to kill plants and screw up siding and windows) but if you invest in equipment and training you’ll be golden.

Also, to kcpower- the ‘Sauce’ and the ‘Cider’ are not really necessary and contain elements that can make your work more difficult. Feel free to PM me for more info.

Thad, I’d like to know more. I am looking for a chemical that is easy to use and easy to either mix, make, or proportion.