Pretty big job near Monticello, NY. Anyone interested?

I looked at this place Saturday. It’s Catskill Regional Medical Center in Harris, NY. There are 5 floors in one building with some super trashed glass, somekind of runoff from metal caps on the edge of the roof above I believe. On one side there would be a six story height because of a lower ground level. The other building is 3 floors and not very large. I think a wfp with some chemical attention would do the trick on that. The person who contacted me doesn’t expect miracles in keeping with a cost-effective price. I really think on some of the bad ones in the main building they won’t look a bit better if only a little extra attention is given to them.
Anyway, I’m probably going to tell him it’s too overwhelming for me having a small staff, but if something else feasible comes out of this, we may be able to work out a co-op bid. They want a price on in and out , and just out. Ins for the most part would be cake, besides having to go in some patient rooms.
Anyone around have some input?

Here are a few more pix. My best count is 1174 panels on the large building and crosswalk area to the smaller building and 176 on the smaller building.

Dan we can take that off your hands…

Chris, I can call the fellow and give him your info and see what he says. I [I]will[/I] put a bid in on the smaller 3 story building, but he may go with a package deal. Thanks.

Chris, I just left a voicemail with him (Tom) and gave you a plug and left your number. I did shoot him a number on the smaller bldg.
He has one other bid that I know of, no idea what company or how much.
Anything I can do to help let me know!

Thanks Dan appreciate it. Could you PM or email me his info so I can just pass it along to Sean?

Ill totally owe you one :slight_smile:

Hard to believe that is a pic of glass.

right… that should be fun

Whoever goes up there might want to get a motel room if its a multi-day job… Monticello is a no joke drive

It’s only about 50 minutes for me! Just too big for me at this time.
I’ll PM you now, Chris L.

Resurrecting an old thread. Who ended up doing this job and how did it turn out. Do you still have them as your customer?

I forgot about this thread. @Chris, did anything come of this?

I can’t say for sure Dan I don’t recall. But man looking at those pictures it looks like a mess.

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@This was several years ago, @Skipper. I’m sure they found someone. Do you do low rise?