Pretty good day Saturday

I got a nice house recently through nextdoor. They are selling and had it painted and asked me to do the windows and get all the the paint spray off. Started with just the outside, (she can do the insides she says lol they always say that) then she was so happy with the outside she wanted me to come back for the insides. This was last week. The open house was today (3.2 million dollar house) so she called me Saturday to come and do some touchups. Paid me full price, she she wishes I could come every day. It’s so awesome when the customer is that happy with your work, probably they’ve never even seen them professionally cleaned and detailed before.

And as a bonus the real estate agent saw me up on the ladder getting the second floor and asked for my card. She has a bunch of vacation rentals she says she can never find anyone to get the upper windows, she told me we’d be in contact Monday, I think she wants me like on a schedule for all of her properties. This could be really big.

As I was finishing up and chatting with the owner she told me the real estate agent was really impressed with my work and that I came back to touch up for the open house.


Follow up - Guess who just scored a meeting with the Real Estate team at Berkshire Hathaway tomorrow.



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There is so much nope for me in this post it’s amazing.

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Damn what did I do now?

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Okay here is the list of nope terms:

  1. Nextdoor
  2. get the spray paint off
  3. insides
  4. come back for the insides
  5. million dollar house
  6. Saturday
  7. do some touch ups
  8. paid me full price
  9. real estate agent
  10. upper windows
  11. all her properties
  12. really big
  13. real estate agent
  14. open house
  15. touch up
  16. scored a meeting
  17. real estate team

17 nopes, Gratz bro! :muscle:

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Are you saying these are all bad or am I dense and misreading your intention because online communication is difficult?


They are all bad, but I am old, grizzled and jaded.

Nice stuff!!!

Ignore the trolls

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I wish I had time to “touch up” for an open house or “come back for the insides”

Realtors are almost always cheap and promising the world… the used car salesmen of the window cleaning clientele


I can appreciate that. This place is strictly luxury properties though so maybe there will be a little extra money there.

I’m lucky in that I don’t actually need the money. I do this because I truly enjoy the work and for some extra discretionary income. I know what I’m worth. If they want lowball me or play games I can walk.

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My one experience with realtors was when one called a while back and said $10 was high per window lol.

She said she used to get it for $6.

My window prices even went up now from $10 because that’s on the low side for me now.

But $6 lol…

That was my experience she said “I can get you a lot of work…”

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So, not a professional. Why are you here?

I can still work if I don’t need the money right? What’s your definition of a professional? I have a company and clients.


I define a professional as someone who makes their living doing something.

OK I guess I don’t need to be here then and I’ll get off your forum.

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Don’t listen to him , you can stay . This is a open forum for window cleaners

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Don’t put words in my mouth.

My point was, as a professional who does this full time, there are a bunch of things that I don’t do anymore, and I tried to pass that experience on.

If you are a weekend warrior who loves climbing ladders, scraping paint and doing last minute touch ups for real estate agents on the weekend for open houses…


Do not expect a pat on the back. You are welcome to participate here, this is NOT my forum.

However, go on a car detailing forum and talk about washing your car with a garden hose and some Palmolive, and I bet you get a similar response.

I dont care for the whole paint removal, and I kind of dsmiss the hangaroud/bystander “you gotta card, bro?.. I will send you lots of business.”

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I don’t think that’s a fair comparison. I’m not going into a 3 million dollar house with a roll of paper towels and windex. I’ve been doing this over 10 years. I’m just now at the point when I can start doing it for my self rather than work for someone else.

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