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Hey, guys need help with pricing. I was thinking .75cents each pane exterior only.
There are a total of 18 sets of windows for a total of 162 individual pieces of glass.(7 of which have the glass double-doors). Each section measures 9’ across.

The picture isn’t coming up on my end, but seems low unless it’s french panes.

Too low of prices $1.50 to $2 a side.Got to get what you are worth now otherwise you will have a ton of jobs for too low of a price.You may not be able to recover it in the long run.


Not sure how you can say this so definitively without seeing the picture of the job or even knowing where he is located. Is he in California where they tax and legislate everything? Is in the Midwest with a lower cost of living and low taxes?
How big are the windows and are there obstructions?

Without some of this type of info any advice would be limited in value.

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You have a point however someone else also thought it was low .If he is talking about an average or in the middle sized pane he would be low.$1.50 to $2 a side is what a lot of people charge regardless of where you live,but location could be a factor determining price.It could go either way.The advice I gave him on charging what he is worth though was good advice.I don’t know where he lives only he can determine what the going rate would be for the area.I was just saying on average $1.50 to $2 is about right with many parts of the country being closer to $2.Now if he is in another country I don’t know.Otherwise not selling himself short regardless of where he lives is good advice.

Sorry guys, not sure why the pic didn’t upload. I live just north of Houston Tx. Let’s see if i can get the pic to upload now!
There are a total of 18 sets of windows for a total of 162 individual pieces of glass.(7 of which have the glass double-doors). Each section measures 9’ across.

I would probably charge 7 to 8 dollars for that section of glass that is closest to me.just the one section to be clear not the door that I see down aways.also outside only for that section just my thoughts.

I don’t think you’d get away with $324 for that @ 2.00 a panel. Tops a 2 hour job with ride time to and from depending on where you live, realistically 1.5 hour to do this job when there. $144 to $200 is probably where the owner would want to be on this one. That’s just from my middle of nowhere Florida pricing where jobs like this are at least 35 miles or so apart.

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Thanks guys for all the replies! I really appreciate it!

I’m in DFW - 162 + sales tax.

Must have misunderstood me .the section where there is 9 windows in the opening I had all 9 windows at around 7 dollars after I was shown the pic.i would never charge 2 bucks a side each for those 9 windows that would be crazy.the middle window would be $2 the outside skinny windows $1 top and bottom skinny windows $1each that and bottom little square windows .50 each.actually it’s 8 bucks .I was off by a dollar.what I mean is this.i didn’t read it correctly at first .I was thinking 18 openings at 7 or 8 bucks an opening giving it a price of $144 for that job.when I read it the first time I over looked the part that 7 of them were the doors.i had it stuck in my mind that they were all the other openings with the 9 windows in them .

I agree with a few others, 5-8 dollars per bay (in your picture). I couldn’t see that taking more than 5 minutes to clean each bay (after your initial cleaning, on a regular basis of course). Cut a squeegee with a hacksaw for those petitions on the corners (Or you can use a huck towel and SprayWay Foam Window Cleaner for the square corners I guess)-- the added benefit is the correct squeegee size you could do 8 of those windows with 1 pass, and just the center maybe 5 pulls with a 20’ squeegee.

Good luck, I like work like in the picture-- nice and easy on the ground!

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