Price of gas

With the price of gas being so high I need to raise prices. I’m always nervous about raising prices on commercial. Some are loyal and others just want cheap. What percentage of price increase have some of you passed on to your customers.


Depending on the extent of your route (amount of clients) a 3 to 5 % increase across the board should compensate for the “ever rising” gas prices?

Most people understand,those that don’t…oh well i say find someone else;)

I have tried to avoid raising prices the best I can. We raised our prices 3 weeks ago from $10 per window to $12. We have also placed a travel charge in the amount of $20 on each bill. I have had 2 customers call about the charge and I have explained to them it cost me $16 per 1/4 tank just to do their job. I also explained I could have just placed that charge in the bill, but have decided to let the customer know about it. They still booked. I explained to them that there was nothing I could do. It’s either no price raise and I dont clean your home or I raise it and your home gets cleaned. Some of my jobs are small $130.00 homes. I explain to the customer with the current price in gas I would make no money. I give them a quick breakdown how the money is broken down. Once that’s done they seem cool with it.
My commercial mid-rise customers have not seen the raise as those jobs are so profitable I am willing to eat the cost.

I have/will raise prices on all new customers. I really don’t like to up the charges on my existing and long standing customers…but they understand the current situation and are feeling the same pinch we all are, and they are struggling with raising their prices to their customers too…

I am seriously looking into buying older, compact cars like geo metros, dodge omni/horizon/colt and the like, rebuilding them, and cover them (or wrap) them with lettering/advertising and putting those on the streets. If fuel costs get much higher, it will be like having a third person in the route truck everyday.

I don’t know. I’m now of the mindset that it is better to buy or lease a new vehicle (I’m looking at leasing) so that you are under a warranty for most repairs. That way you won’t be killed with repair bills.

With an old car you can buy it for a song, but you will howl when you have to pay thousands of dollars in repairs.

I think a new car is the way to go. And if you don’t need a gas guzzler (you do mostly commercial) go economy!

It’s about that time to start powering your car with water…

When you guys have time check out this site. It shows hydrobooster add on for cars. It is supposed to boost %50 more fuel efficiency. I dont have enough guts to do it, nor the extra money to spend just thought I would put it up…

I bought a scooter!

Yep… I said it. A Scooter.

Combine traveling to do free estimates with marketing errands and flier distribution. Whew!! Severe cut in profits.

So… My Solution.

A scoot scoot.

I wear a shirt with my website and contact info REAL BIG on my back. (haven’t got her lettered up yet)

People notice and remember the scoot. I get comments and praise for “going Green” all the time. So far a positive reaction from all my customers. One guy asked me at a stop light for my card and said, “I know you gotta be good at cleaning windows if your smart enough to buy one of those.”

100mpg baby!!!

btw… my Window Tech takes my truck and makes money with it while I scoot around all day.:smiley:

Are you aloud to take scooters on the freeway? That is my only question…

Other than that… you are a genius!

“If you need to go on a freeway, you will have to ask your motor vehicle department about specific laws for the minimum legal engine size in your state.”

I don’t get on the freeway. Even though Oklahoma City is bigger than Dallas (in area coverage) everything is reachable by side highways and main streets.

To get on the HWY you have to have a 250cc scoot.

I bought this one off of craigslist for $600. It’s definitely not a 250cc but it gets me there.

Ettore Steccone used to ride an Indian motorcyle while cleaning his route, while carrying ladders!

Yeah i figured you did that.

California is strict with its dumb Driving laws, but i know they are street legal. i might seriously consider doing something like this.

This guy is remarkably accurate at predicting what the next days Canada gas price will be.

Here’s his website.

A pretty handy tool to tell you when to fill up.

I brought up the scooter thing last year on another forum and was told it wasn’t a good idea because "it wasn’t part of my business and i would be giving a false image " I since did the scooter thing as well. Mine broke down and i have yet to get another one so i am using a friends. Its great way to put out flyer’s give estimates check out new neighborhoods the bad thing is the gas tank is only a gallon but at 100mpg i can handle that.

Perhaps you should reread the responses; that’s not what I took from that conversation:

I’ve been tellin’ my wife…

You’re lucky :frowning:

(Can we see a picture?)

Everyone is going [COLOR=“green”][SIZE=“3”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]“Green”[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR].

Does it match my image?


Road blocks today all over Spain in protest at the rising prices. That means no gas at the pumps & no food in the shops, it also means panic buying for consumerables.

Wow, Karl. Please stay safe and try to keep a cool head…

Here is a picture of my scooter…

Notice the Unger pole propped up against the bench behind the front tire…