Price per pane?

For those of you who charge by the pane, how do you price between larger and smaller windows, French windows, doors ect. This is the pricing method I would like to use once I get all the details in place. Thanks,



3 reg french panes = 1 pane
all panes are the same that are an arm’s reach without moving
doors are 2 panes
oversize - not as big as a door, but beyond arm’s reach are 1.5 panes

it all averages out

I dont change it based on the size, keep it simple. It also makes it easier if you want to have other companies sell for you or for bids cuts time down tremendously and it all evens out. For example, if you charge $3 per pane and you find a janitorial company that will sell for you they charge their customers 3.50. They are getting you work and making money it’s a win win.

A customer will be quick to ask about it when you have a small window but when you tell them you charge the same for the big window then they understand. Just something that works for me!

By the pane is a pain. Confuses the customer and messes with expectations. Be balanced and proportionate when factoring. If a (one) window or an opening needs to be done in two ladder sets, it should be two windows. Frenchies, divided lights take more time to do - determine your speed per pane and your price will follow.