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I have highlighted all the windows that were to be cleaned. The condo sits on a lower elevation then it looks. I am taking this picture from parking lot which is up on a hill. In other words if you walked out of the building you would need to walk up about 10 feet of stairs to get to your car. Anyway I go do this estimate. I give 2 prices. (1) WFP $126 I am running a special this month and the price was an evan $100. With a WFP this job can be done with me an my guy in 30 minutes (2) face to glass with ladder addtional $150 for the ladder work so the price would be $250 with this months special.
Customer tells me it’s way to much money and they pay $65 for their home up north. Which I found out was a bunch of BS. Anyway, what would you charge for this job?

I did not get the job and that’s not what got to me. This lady was such a ball buster and really got under my skin I figured I would post up the pic.

We would have been at 125$ as well… good pricing :smiley:

It would have been our minimum also $125.00 WFP or NOT!!

God that avatar made my day. Man that is one funny pic. I bet that poster is all over the bed room walls of some German girls and who knows in this day and age some boys lol.

I presume thats an in & out cleaning quote?

(Was David drunk when he had that photo done?)

I’m assuming that the dogs had a clause in their contracts requesting that they be drunk.

We have the RSPCA in Europe. As long as that dog falls off when the “Hof” stands up, then being drunk for all parties involved would be a good thing, except for the camera man.


I would have priced it like that also. That’s the reason we have a minimum. I’m not a WFP guy as of yet, but to get me to drag my ladders out for 5 or 6 windows, I won’t go under my minimum.

I would do it for $125.00 wfp or ladders

The price is $125 whether in/out or outs only. I generally tell people we have a $125 minimum and would be more than happy to do $125 worth of work if they would like. We won’t do any residential w/c job for any less!!!

I have no idea if David was drunk or not, but drunk is the only way I can really stomach looking at that picture! Those poor dogs I hope they didn’t get crabs!!

I know what you are saying about the minimum, I tend to be a little more flexible on price, especially when there is only one window. I rarely clean just the outside, but I do have 2 different quotes for just one side or both.

Yup quote was for in and out. No biggy, today I’m happy as a pig in *&^%. Went to another condo community today to clean one. At 1st I was not too happy as I felt I under bid the gig. The guy got me at a week moment on the phone and I agreed to clean his place for $130. It was not the price that was the concern, it was the distance. The place is 30 minutes from me an to drive that far with my trailer to wfp the place for that price. The gas alone cost me $20. But nice thing is I had no idea the guy was talking a monthly clean. Now on top of that, he asked if I had insurance. I give him my policy and get to cleaning. A little while later I’m outside using the WFP, some guy stops by and watches me clean. Never introduces himself but I say good morning as he goes by. He goes in the customers home, comes out tells me who he is and asks if we can talk when I’m done. I stop by. He is the association manager, tells me they are paying a guy $165 per condo who has no insurance. Reason they hired him was they could not find a cleaner. He tells me the place has 200 condos they want cleaned every month and could I write up a quote. I tell him no need to write it up. Being he told me they were paying $35 per condo more then my price that I can’t do the job cheaper. That’s the cheapest I can do the work for. My price is $130 per condo. He says ok “I’m going to run this by the rest of the members of the association and get back to me.” Now it does not even hit me till I leave. He is talking a monthly cleaning of each place. I pull over grab my calculator. The price they are paying now. $33,000.00 per month. My price $26,000.00, that’s a $84,000.00 savings over the year. How can they pass that up? Besides the guy commented how it was nice to see a professional company (t-shirts, tools, insurance, lettered truck, etc). But even if I don’t get the contract it’s still $130 per month from the 1st customer. So I’m happy. :slight_smile:

Make sure you take the boys with you if you get the job. In my experience, you’re taking someones livelyhood away & he’ll be pretty p*ssed.

LOLOL. I have rolled on the ground and seen the white flash too many times in my life to be scared of someone. Hey if he wants the gig maybe he should get some insurance like me. Most likely he is not a legal business and if he would like to play some games after some ground rolling. He can explain to the state how long he has been stealing taxes from them and conducting illegal business.

Just keep an open eye out in the back of your head. I remember tha last guy that went down in Manchester, UK. They waited till his work mates disappeared cleaning round the corner - then shook him off the ladder 3 floors up. They were prosecuted & walked, I don’t think he could work again.

Shame on the HOA for hiring an uninsured service provider.

Legal businesses usually find a way to steal taxes from the state, too.