Price types

i have recently thought of offering 3 types of clening choices for resi customers.

  1. budget clean- glass only with minimal frame and sill wiping
  2. xtra clean- glass, frames and sills cleaned, screens brushed. this is my regular cleaning anyway.
  3. super clean- glass, frames, sills, screens , and exterior shutters cleaned
    i think about offering this to customers who show concerns about either price or how good of a job youre gonna do. it kinda puts the cards on the table. most customers i wouldnt even confuse them with this. whatchyall thank?

I also thought about this - bronze, silver, gold service. Then I realised that I only enjoy the job if I do it to the best of my ability & work for the price I desire. So I only offer the best service for the best $.

I think either you are a good window cleaner or you suck.

If people dont want to pay for your services, then start marketing to the uppppper class client.

i like the variety of replies already. and yeah, sometimes i suck. those are the days i go home early. and as far as the clients i got a big variety of “classes”. i just cant resist those sweet little old ladies. all the guys hate me for it cuz they never pay good but they always got cookies or cake or stories, plus our company was started by little old ladies passing the word on to thier kids and churchmembers etc.

Nothing in-between?

Wow! Multiple consecutive letters instead of punctuation marks! Thanks for the variety!

yeah, I have to agree

Charge what you want, i charge the same and do not cut corners, all of my jobs are done the same…

Same here, but you didn’t answer the question.

consistency is key, even with prices…I’ve learned :slight_smile:

As others have mentioned, do the best work that you’re capable of and charge accordingly. Remember, you’re building a reputation with each client. When/if they pass the word along to their friends, do you want them to focus on how cheap you were or the high quality of your service?

We have our basic service and the customer is given the option of upgrades. For instance we brush the screens as standard but some customers want them wet cleaned so we just adjust the price for them. We do the same for sills. When I did construction there were published standards on finish carpentry that outlined what was and wasn’t acceptable for the finished product based on 3 catagories (economy, standard, premium). Of course the price went up w/ each catagory. Too bad we don’t have anything like that to refer to as window cleaners.
I know some here offer wet screen cleaning as part of their standard service. In my area no one does. I simply offer the same basic package as others in my area so as to be bidding apples to apples.

What sets you apart from the other apples?

Several things - clean cut appearance, show up on time for bid and job, do high quality work. Plus there is more than enough work here for more companies than we currently have.

I’ve been toying around with the idea of giving a price hierarchy to our proposals. Some folks just want the economy type service, while others want mid-range services, and still the high-rollers want the “works”.

I am also thinking of killing the interior prices on my list. I still haven’t done an interior only job. Maybe just exterior and exterior & interior prices. I clean screens on all jobs by scrubbing with Tide. All sills are wipped down, as are the frames/tracts. So thats not really an issue anymore as I used to charge extra for screen cleaning.

I did do a job yesterday that the lady wanted in’s and out’s of the glass, screens scrubbed, sills vacuumed and wiped down, and exterior framing scrubbed clean. I don’t think that she was overboard–as I think that it needed it. But I usually don’t vacuum the sills. Seen more of it recently though. Do many of you guys do it each time? And do you charge extra for it? Or is it in the regular price?

I guess my thing is I like to customize the job to exactly what the customer wants, then deliver a little more just to amaze them.

I brush and vacuum all interior tracks (and exterior screen tracks for my own benefit) and wash screens as part of my standard service.

My climate is very humid. Hence, it is difficult to vacuum tracks without first washing them because they tend to be wet.

So, i dropped the vacuum thing and simply ‘wash’ them via pump up sprayer and 2" brush.

But it is NOT included in the regular service. The reason being it can get rather messy and be time consuming.

i feel the people selecting the budget clean option as apposed to the premium will feel that they are settling for a 2nd best service.

they will assume that a better job could have been done(as it could be done better according to your price list).

and then after a few cleans later they will get someone else to clean their windows-someone who offers one stndrd price per window…as it subconciously feels like they are getting a better clean for their money…though this may not be the case.

i just think the word budget or economy is a negative word to the likes of people who gat window cleaners in.

for me its 1 price with the best service i offer.

I have a handful of clients every year that only have their windows cleaned inside. They all live in apartments.

Sorry for the hi jack but I have been wanting to ask for awhile. Seth what in the world are you eating?