Priceless Craigslist Ads For Window Cleaning

Check these out! I have emailed 2 of these guys already. Here is one of them:

Window Cleaning Services!!!

Efficient Window Cleaning Inside and Out

$20.00 Per Job (Depending On Size)

Call to book an appointment!!!

Happy Holidays!!


Here is another great one:

A family owned and operated window cleaning company specializing in residential service. We also offer mirror cleaning, screen repair, screen frame building and pressure washing at a reasonable rate. For $4.00 a window we will clean the inside and outside of glass and detail screens and tracks. We consider a door wall 1 window, so the whole door wall is $4.00. Thank you for considering our services!! Contact James (last name removed) @ (760) 908-49xx or everclear(last word removed)

Another one:

“I feel your pane and wash it away :)”

I am running a window washing SPECIAL:

$50 off any house bid at $100 or more.

FREE! My service includes cleaning window tracks, screens, and frames at no extra cost.

I am a one man operation and have been washing in the San Diego area for 3yrs now. I use window cleaning to make supplemental cash while pursuing ministry, online school and music.

I am reliable, honest and very skilled.

If you would like an estimate. . . give me a call!

:eek:So he will do a house for 50 bucks. Nice. This last guy actually dont look so bad. Checked out his site, I would actually like to hire this guy. I just may give him a call.

Here is one of the guys above spamming craigslist with another add, but this one is even cheaper:

Ever Clear Window Cleaning
-We are offering special pricing as to make it affordable to have clean windows yr. round!

-For $4.00 a window we will clean the inside and outside of glass plus clean your screens and detail window sills and tracks

-For $2.00 a window we will clean the exterior of your glass and clean screens

-Additional services include pressure washing, screen repair and screen frame building

-We are a brother and sister team who have worked together for 5 yrs. and we take pride in our work

-Thank you for considering our services!!!


I am offering professional residential and commercial window cleaning services of cleaning up to 10 windows $30.00 glass only sliding doors included
call 619-735-566x for appointment. 8 years experience. References available

This one is alittle weird:

Custom Window Cleaning- Spruce Up Your Windows-No Squeegee

Custom Window Cleaning-No Squeegee.
All By Hand- A Window Cleaning Service That Last (NO SQUEEGEE)
Get Your House Ready for Sale, Rent, or a Special Occasion
I am a local school teacher who also specializes in cleaning residential
windows. I have used a window wax for 19 years. All done by hand leaving a BEAUTIFUL Super Clean, PROTECTED, POLISHED window.
NO STREAKS- your windows will come out beautiful . I carefully and thoroughly clean every window inside and out, screens included!

-Free Estimates
-Please email me a contact number

Check out this great offer:

Flashy Stashy’s
Professional Window Cleaning Services

Lowest prices on the West Coast
4$ a window
8$/pane over 20ft2

Providing Services
Quick and Efficient services, to
Residental, Commercial, Nautical needs
Servicing all of San Diego county
Based out of Point Loma
Promotional offers include:
1/2 off next clean, if you reference a customer
Every 5th washing is free

Contact Info:
Phone: (619)322-10xx

[SIZE=“6”]This was just the first 2 pages!!![/SIZE]
There were 3 other companies that I know and recognized in there, that are legit…but these? WOW.

WOW…This makes me rethink my whole pricing schedule! We are way to cheap! people can get $4 a window? Thats cali money for ya! lol

I just got an email from ya…lol:D…JK

Yea there are some doozie’s out there, I checkem daily…:confused:


Has anyone ever heard of anyone actually getting a customer from posting on Craigslist? I can’t imagine I’d even want to work for someone that looked at Craigslist for a window cleaner!

bill harkins

I landed a few customers from Craigslist. I treat it like an electronic direct mail by making sure I present the same kind of offer as I would in any mailings I do.

Would posting your site on Craig’s list help with SEO?

Yes, and no. Your Craigslist post will be on first page usually, but only for as long as it is on cragslist, and it is not a link to your site, I believe they are no-follow links if you have one from your post to your site.

To answer your question earlier, one of my most regular customers I got off of Craigslist about 2 years ago. I only got ONE customer, and he was it. The other 2 or 3 people who called were price shoppers.

I dont put ads on craigslist anymore because every single time I do, someone will flag me and it gets dropped. All that work for nothing.:mad:

I put them on CR whenever I can…I get a bunch of Gutter customers and a handfull of window customers. I Look at this way…It takes very little of my time to put an ad in…and its FREE!!!..Its a win- win…just my opinion

Does anyone have a craigslist add that has worked well for them? Come on, share with us. :slight_smile:

Sounds self-righteous! :stuck_out_tongue:

Please tell us Larry about your success on Craigslist!

We (me and my wife) have gotten over 20 calls from people on craigslist at the end of last year which was the first few months G & C Services was opened and we landed almost all of them with most being over $300 jobs Windows or Gutter cleanouts mostly. People around here use craigslist instead of a phone book for home services, yes alot of people do price shop but most just want the work done and go with someone that has good references and are professional.

We are getting some new ads ready for craigslist and will be posting them soon, this and the door hangers we put out are the only advertising we do and its really working for us.

I’ve done between $4k-$5k every year on craigslist. Its only synonymous with ‘cheap’ if you make it that way.

Spring is around the corner and its time to give your home that fresh new look! We all know with Spring comes the cleaning, While you work on the inside, let us take care of the outside! Call today for a FREE estimate!! Insured and Bonded

I usually post this one and rake em in too

I just feel awful. All these years, delivering less than satisfactory short lived results and using a squeegee none the less. I’m ready to turn over a new leaf, throw away all my squeegees, and learn how to truly clean glass. Let the day begin!

Someone apparently couldnt figure out how to use a squeegee… exactly who i’d want cleaning my windows lol

I like windex and newspaper.

I thought spit and your shirt sleeve were proper;)

so funny :)))))))))))))))))))))