Pricing a Condo Complex

Hello everyone! I wanted to get some input on if I am in the ballpark on pricing this job. A range would work great. Below are the details:

  1. 3-4 story condo complex. I will be able to reach all windows with my water fed pole, other than those on balconies.
  2. Approximately 1,200 windows total (Exterior only). I counted certain large entry windows as 2 windows.
  3. Approximately 50 balconies. My plan here is to use a 40-foot ladder to get onto the balconies and clean them by hand. (If anybody has a better method here, please let me know. A lift would work on some areas but not all. I don’t think it’s worth the cost)
  4. Screens aren’t on the outside, however, I will mandate that screen doors are unlocked if they want their door cleaned.

I’m estimating roughly 100-150 man-hours (2-3 guys in 1 week). I was looking at going in at around $6,500. What are your thoughts on this?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Price sounds reasonable enough. Time estimate sounds high, unless this is a first time clean? But exterior only should still go pretty quick, especially without screens.

Sight unseen, I would estimate around 65-70 man hours of glass time. That’s 3 minutes per window, plus 10 minutes per balcony.

Honestly, though, if you’re making less than $100/hr with a wfp, you’re doing something wrong.

If this is a first time clean (or seldom clean), a hot water setup will do wonders for your efficiency. I’ve finally got my camp water heater dialed in so it’s working reliably, and it has been a dream on first time cleans.


Thanks for this note Alex. That’s exactly how I estimated it. My 100 man hour is really my worst case scenario if something goes wrong.

What hot water setup do you use? I’ve been looking into that and I’m curious as to how you set yours up. Thanks again!

This is my setup currently. It’s just what I was able to find locally in the camping section. 5L camp water heater. You need pretty good water flow to keep it lit. Other brands might not be as sensitive.