Pricing a whole shopping plaza

Hey guy’s thank for helping me out… Where to begin I receive a phone call from a window cleaning company asking if I was interested in subcontracting with them he is located in N.Y.C and some of the plaza are in Florida I told him yes and he sent me the address to the plaza and told me to get back to him with a price what fine and all but the problem is that one plaza has 501 window. So I charge $3 a window to all my storefronts, when I calculate everything it come up $1503 is that to much or I’m I low ball myself and for me to complete that plaza I’m looking about 6+ hours with help it a big shopping plaza thank you guy’s for the feed back.

It’s probably outside only. So unless that’s your per pane per side price there’s that. What’s the frequency?

Once a month

Post a pic. Store front focused franchises do less than $3 per side per pane when they’re hungry. If I really wanted it (and the visibility to all those companies and their customers is a good thing, esp 1x a month) id consider the time id save by getting quicker by cleaning once or twice and getting familiar with the job. Would it be worth it for your business model if it was $1000 / mo, or less? You could pick up the inside windows on some of the stores in there while your there and boost that days $.

For me, if I thought I could knock it out in a day I’m going $600-800 and maybe just adding a first time clean charge.



These are some of the store in the plaza it’s a big shopping center when I get time I will drive by and take a photo.

It’s monthly…don’t go too high, its the entire plaza-- not like you are doing 1 store here or there. You said 6 hours…is that by yourself or with someone? 6 hours at 100 an hour sounds good to me, personally-- considering you’d most likely pick up MANY residential accounts when people see you. (I agree with what Jes says, the first cleaning should be more but once you are on that monthly…I bet you can shave an hour or more off) Windows do not get very dirty in 1 month UNLESS they are right on the ocean here in Florida.

1500? Well, it’s your bid and your business I can’t tell you what to charge-- I also live in Florida, cheers my friend. Hope you land it, I like commercial jobs like that— screw doing 2-3 in a plaza, DO THEM ALL!

P.S- Looks like a very easy plaza, my favorite-- stick that bad boy!

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