Pricing chandeliers

What is an average price for chandelier cleaning per hour? Do you charge a PITA factor over your normal minimum? I have no idea how to charge for these except by the hour. It sure is a long time to be standing on a step ladder.


i would say it depends on what kind of cleaning your doing, are you just dusting or are you take it apart and cleaning and polishing each piece? If your just dusting i would figure or guess how long it would take. If you make 60-90 bucks an hour washing windows and you think it will take a half hour than charge 30- 45 bucks, unless it is extremely dangerous, than add a PITA charge:). If you our taking it apart and polishing each piece, i have heard of guys charging 200-350 bucks.

Our average chandeiler is about $125… We did one yesterday that was $500… This one is huge though…

Can any of you send pictures of the chandeliers that you cleaned and the price to help us see the amount of crystals.
Thanks. I erased the pic’s I had. But I cleaned one like this for $250.00
If you want to know how I’ll let you know.

The best thing I have found by far for chandelier cleaning is pure water & microfiber cloth.

One house we do has about 65 fixtures inside, 24 outside. All inside fixtures are cleaned with pure water & microfiber cloths. Easy, safe, effective & cheap.

Exterior fixtures are cleaned with Zep-40, and sometimes a pure water rinse.

I’ve cleaned hundreds of fixtures, from 20 dollar Home depot specials to 50,000 Baccarat crystal fixtures.

Like these:

I have more pics if anyone wants to see them.

I use a 50/50 mix of DI and alcohol. Jeff I was wondering about the Zep 40. Do you spray it on and let it dwell or is there a need to scrub and polish?