Pricing Commercial

Two part question: How do you set prices for basic, ground floor commercial? How do you set prices for wfp, work? I was thinking maybe $1.00/pane/side/story. So, fifth floor, inside and out with a wfp would be $6.00? Too new at the commercial and the wfp thing to know the difference between reasonable and unreasonable pricing.


I’ll be looking at those answers too Eric, since I can benefit from them too.
Got my PM ?

I charge by time and/or amount of windows…mainly amount of time to complete…I shoot for $1 a minute, some accounts are more, that’s commercial we’re talking

Now wfp is different. I haven’t been running wfp as long as some other guys in here but I keep in mind that each gallon costs me $.12-$.15 each and I (using an example from a monthly wfp gig + I use DI) can use from 50-60 gallons, and I monitor my pressure and flow very carefully in order to be efficient with my water…and I am super efficient with the water I use because I imagine pennies dripping from the pole:eek:
I shoot for $1.5-$2 a minute and add my cost of DI filtration into the price. Since I’m “new” in the game of wfp, this concept of mine could change, but for now that’s what I use

The idea, of course, is to get X amount per hour right? But the issue is you and I may work at different rates.

I might make more per minute/hour than you if I am faster.

So, the average commercial route window is $1 per pane per side. That might make you $1 an hour or $75.

So let me offer this: Rather than ‘setting rates’… set your hourly goal. Then, time yourself on any set of 10 windows. Then, another set. Do this with 6 sets on different gigs. Try and find a nice variety of sizes shapes etc. then, average your time. (check out the post on Man Minutes)

That should be done by dark today. Then, you’ll know where you need to be per pane and can compare that to the $1 average.

THEN adjust accordingly and you’ll know where you need to be.

Hey Phil, that’s kind of where I was heading, but I gotta have a starting place to build a route. Then I can begin timing myself. I could always give away a few services to get the pace average and then set my price. Come to think of it, that may be a way to get my first few customers.


In that case, set your rates for now at .75 per side per pane. See how easy it is to sell and perform. Take NO more than 3-5 accounts at those rates. Then, dial in your MM and price.

If you are too low, it will be easy to raise later.