Pricing: Hard or Soft?

I like doing little extras for customers. Helps build a good rapport and since 99% of my business come from referrals, that pretty important. Prob the number 1 extra request is changing high up light bulbs.

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He paid $75.00 for it. Cheap for the job, but it was his equipment and an easy add on for the moment. I do other little deatail stuff like this morning a window above the foyer had a decorative wrought iron balcony rail in front of it. Not very big. I wiped the dust off while I was up there no charge. The customer was appreciative.

Smart. Changing light bulbs doesn’t take long. Then you have a client for life!

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So true. Many people don’t realize the need for leverage in negotiating. When people ask “Is that the best you can do?” (Regarding price), I offer lower cost options. If that doesn’t cut it for them, I ask what they can do for me. Indicating to them the need for that leverage before the price will come down.

Reminds me of a time years ago. I had a client that left a light bulb on the counter for her husband to change when he got home. She paid me and left for the day. I surprised her by changing the bulb after she left. I left a thank you card that read… Thank you so much for being one of my clients. I changed the light bulb for you. I remember Mr Jones saying he is not comfortable on ladders. Thank you again for your business! Have a wonderful weekend. See you soon! Chad

It is the little things we do for our clients that create relationships for a lifetime

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I had a client last month insist I take $50 for changing out 4 light bulbs for her. All step ladder stuff she couldn’t do.


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Very nice touch Chad.

I will always change bulbs for my elder customers. I have the ladders, experience and balance to do the job without breaking a hip

Thanks Steve. I just wanted to share my experience. There are so many great window cleaners on here that have mastered the art of maintaining clients for life. I have learned so much on this forum!

I once solved the Rubik’s cube for a kid at the home I was working in.

But on a more practical plane, I don’t discount unless it’s an advertised discount. But I am happy to do a lot of those little extras that aren’t because of customer laziness or greediness.

I usually do the master bath mirror. Housewives LOVE this. But I’ll ask them if they’d like it done especially if they have a bunch of stuff in front of the mirror.

I would have to charge for that, It would take me a half a day .

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Naw, get a flat head screw driver, pop the blocks off, 5 minutes max…

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Rubuks cube… that’s awesome.

I solved it when I was a kid, standing at the counter of some auto repair place with my mom.

I said “whoah, I did it!”

  • the guy looked at me and said “no way:rolleyes:,” "bullshiiit"
    He was as as shocked as I was, so shocked that his “children around/language sensor” turned off. :smiley:

It was kind of one of those things where it just was kind of… acceptable amongst all parties.

[MENTION=1736]JfromtheD[/MENTION] Your post about helping old ladies made me cry a little :’)